Politics Over Capitals In Andhra Pradesh, Deets Inside

People of Andhra Pradesh are divided over the location of state’s capital conundrum. Confrontation between RIF (Royalaseema Intellectual Forum)  and APS-JAC (Amravati Parirakshana Samithi – Joint Action Committee) is brewing over the demand for setting up three capitals as planned by the Chief Minister Jagan Mohan Reddy against the demand for a sole capital at – Amravati, a brain child of Chandrababu Naidu an arch rival of the present CM.


RIF members backed by YSRC govt are supporting the govt move of setting up three capital opposed to a single capital at Amravati. They justify govt’s Initiative for  decentralised development. They argue that in case of three capitals  three different regions of the state can be developed instead of only one. As the RIF supporters are convinced that establishment of  a High court complex in Kurnool will boost the development of the area. They point out that Royalaseema had made many sacrifices earlier. Madras had to be sacrificed for the formation of a separate Andhra state and then Kurnool for a United AP. The govt of AP says that it is bent upon setting up three capitals only for the protection of the interest of the majority people.

But the opposition leader Chandrababu Naidu together with other party leaders such as BJP  and CPI stressed that Amravati should be developed as the sole capital as he had spent 10000 crores on it, and massive infrastructures have remained incomplete.


Jagan Mohan Reddy is arch rival of his predecessor Chandrababu Naidu, who mooted the idea of Amravati. The experts believe that the CM wants to erase every legacy of Chandrababu Naidu. As a result Amravati ran into problem since he ascended to be the CM. He,  however, charges that Naidu wanted to build the capital for the sole benefits of his relatives and close ones. Next he says that the area is prone to flood and hence it not safe. Even a committee ,he points out, had earlier advised Naidu to drop the idea of Amravati.

And third, he says that two banks ie. the World Bank and Asian Infrastructure Invesment Bank who were supposed to invest $5oo million had already opted out of  the project. Even before the election  when Jagan Mohan was in the opposition he felt that such a huge land area of 33000 acres was not necessary for the capital, and he opposed it at various fora.


It is quite clear that YSR govt has put a spike in the wheel of Amravati projects. Now Donakonda in Prakasam District is being cited as a place for the new Capital. As a result it has added to the fresh activities in the region including the booming of the land price.

Besides Kurnool, some leaders are also demanding Tirupati to be considered as a prospective place for the capital. It is being argued that govt should consider Tirupati in view of its being a world famous pilgrimage centre, availability of Rly junction, air connectivity and a number of educational institutions Including a University.


Amravati issue has become a bone of political contention. It is evident that the present Chief Minister will not back track on this issue. But the question is already 10000 crores has been invested there. Let the leaders not be moved by any narrow political consideration. If it is found that Amravati can be developed as a capital – the govt should give the green signal. The demand for regional development or the development of a backward area – should not come in the way of the development of the state capital. Cannot a region grow or be developed if a high court complex is not set up there? Let the warring leaders  bury the hatchet for a noble cause.