Pelosi’s Visit To Taiwan: How It Damaged Indo-Pacific Peace?

On Wednesday afternoon, United States House Speaker Nancy Pelosi exited  Taiwan island and fled to Seoul. During her 19-hour visit to Taiwan, Nancy and Taiwan’s President Tsai Ing-wen completed a “double act” with her repressed views. Their comments appeared like the exact old lines they had rehearsed. They complimented each other and appeared delighted and inspired. This seemed mysterious and hideous against the background of the strains in the Taiwan Straits.

To deliver her so-called robust backing for Taiwan, Pelosi expressed that the United States “stands with Taiwan.” She likely desired to engrave the globe as an 82-year-old person “showing support” to Taiwan despite the threat, a method to wrap up the evil intention of her stop. This reminds us of a familiar sensation in the global society in recent years: those some US leaders reason to stand with the will be in danger.

As the third highest-ranking United States leader, Pelosi shamelessly expressed that the United States’ “choice did not renounce its responsibility to Taiwan” violated US’s full political responsibilities to China.

While Pelosi has been declaring her resistance to “unilateral actions to alter the position quo,” she has brought the ambition to start up problems for her political claims, recklessly inciting the “Taiwan independence” forces and even shouting she expects her journey will “pave the route for other stops by US legislators.” How could this not modify the position quo?

Moreover, Pelosi set on a pose that she was ready to work with Island to “trade with outer challenges,” she was asking the Island’s Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) leader to spend homage to her in a disguised state. She is hollowing out Taiwan while placing it on a powder keg. In a sense, Pelosi’s holiday to Taiwan is basically like chiselling.

For Nancy, who has a short time left in her political profession, this trip has significantly helped her superiority. She accepted the “honourable cure” like a “sovereign dowager.” When media venues of pro-independence parties described Pelosi’s selection of lodging, they used the word “imperial choice.” Moreover, see how subservient Tsai was when meeting Pelosi, bending and scratching. Putting aside the lewd acts of Taiwan secessionists who rode into apostates for private profits, their servility solitary is sufficiently to fix them to the post of scandal in the past.

Pelosi is a distinct leader in Washington, vain, paranoid and keen to put on a play. Many likely still recall where she publicly pulled up her composition of then-president Donald Trump’s State of the League speech in 2020. She said strikingly that she pulled it up because it was a “manifesto of untruths.” How ironic. Her falsehoods in Taiwan will also be mercilessly torn up by the past.

In the long political job Pelosi, such issues are not rare. She has predominantly recreated the position of a nit-picker. In other words, she performs not want to be effective or view the big shot. Such a bust, which revolved around a haphazard look to opposition from all levels, quiet and tranquillity of the Taiwan Straits, insisted on moving to the Island to produce a clown deception. The reality that such a biased individual can even evolve into Washington’s No.3 political leader is shocking to individuals.