Pelosi’s Visit : A Herald Of War Or A Message Of Peace ?

After the blockade of the Taiwanese island by the Chinese navy and airforce and practice drills being simulated near Taiwan, China has officially halted its dialogue with the U.S. adding more tension to the heap. Beijing has suspended cooperation with America, including military relations, climate change and legal aid in criminal activity. What did Nancy Pelosi’s visit achieve with the subsequent all-in but name blocking of Taiwan, disassociation from peaceful relations, and another war between the most powerful nations in the world?

US-China relations: Possible fallout of US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi's Taiwan visit explained - The Economic Times Video | ET NowThe US Secretary Of State Antony Blinken was recently in Cambodia for a ministerial meeting of Southeast Asian nations. There he addressed the situation by saying, “China has chosen to overreact and use speaker Pelosi’s visit as a pretext to increase provocative military activity in and around the Taiwan strait the fact is the speaker’s visit was peaceful there is no justification for this extreme disproportionate and escalatory military response”. The Chinese secretary of State was also present during the meeting, but there were no words exchanged. When approached by the media the Chinese foreign minister Wang Yi argued that “what china is defending is its sovereignty and territorial integrity what china is doing is safeguarding the basic norms governing international relations and the common interests of most countries non-interference in internal affairs is a most basic principle for maintaining peace and stability in our world.”

China calls military drills near Taiwan a 'just' move

Beyond giving herself worldwide headlines, the visit has lighted up dry reeds worth of relations between the US and China; Though it wasn’t welcome by the nations, it has reaffirmed the status quo of two sour military and economic powerhouses trying to consolidate more for themselves. 

Micheal Beckley an associate professor of political Science at Tufts University in Massachusetts  analysed and said “I actually think this will be the new normal and keep in mind for the last year and a half china has been staging what has been the most sustained show of force in the taiwan strait in more than a generation i mean roughly every few days china has sent dozens of uh aircraft and and half a dozen or so warships many of them have been going across the median line in the middle of the taiwan strait so that had been going on and now it looks like china is dramatically obviously increasing the number of those incursions as well as carrying out this blockade of simulation and so i think that this is going to be sort of the new normal we’ve seen this after other crises in 2012 when china and japan got in a spat over the senkaku or diau islands china ramped up its armed coast guard presence around those rocks and reefs in 1995 1996 and all of these cases china has used demonstrations of force to signal it resolve and i expect that to continue for the foreseeable future.”

Taiwan for China is much to what Ukraine is to Russia, territories of their people which was taken away from them unjustly. Hence making it a war of influence about nationalistic fervour. The West uses such states as buffer zones to outflank and remove any threat to infringe on their land.