New India Does Not Only Thinks Of A Secure Future, It Takes Risks: PM Modi Addresses Indian Community In Berlin

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Monday said a newly resurgent India has made up his mind to move forward with determination and urged the Indian diaspora to help the country make great strides at the global level.

Addressing the Indian community, the Prime Minister said that a young and ambitious India understood the need for political stability to grow rapidly and ended three decades of instability at the touch of a button.

Prime Minister Modi said, “Today, I have not come to talk to you about the Modi government. Today, I feel like talking to you wholeheartedly about the power and strength of the people of India and singing their pride. Today the government is moving ahead by raising the morale of the investors and not by putting chains on their feet. Today the most advanced business environment exists in India.”

PM Modi further said, “I would urge all of you to support me in making India’s local global. You all can very easily introduce people to the diversity, strength and beauty of the locals of India. From people power to tech power, we are working on every solution to tackle the challenge of climate change. In the last eight years, we have increased the LPG coverage in India from 50% to almost 100%. Not only this, every household in India is now using LED bulbs.”

Modi said that in the last eight years, India is making rapid progress in every field – ease of living, quality of life, ease of employment, quality of education, ease of doing business, quality of travel, quality of products.

He said, “New India no longer thinks about a secure future, but is ready to take risks, innovate and incubate. India had 200-400 start-ups around 2014, today there are 68,000 start-ups and dozens of unicorns. Some of these have already become Decacorns with a valuation of $10 billion.”

The Prime Minister said that the biggest reality of this third decade of the 21st century is that today India is going to be global. Whenever there is a crisis in front of humanity, India comes up with a solution.

This is New India; this is the strength of New India. India has helped save many lives by sending essential medicines to more than 150 countries during the Corona period. The world is facing a shortage of wheat today. In such a situation, the farmer of India is coming forward to fill the stomach of the world.