NATO Activates 40,000 Troops As Response Force Amid Russian Threat

NATO has positioned its Response Force on standby in a bid to reassure allies neighbouring Ukraine and Russia that their protection is assured. This, however, does no longer imply that the troops will move into Ukraine, which isn’t a member.


As Russia presses in advance with its onslaught in Ukraine, the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation (NATO) has activated its Response Force as a shielding measure. NATO leader Jens Stoltenberg stated Friday the bloc had activated defence plans and “as a result…are deploying factors of the NATO Response Force on land, at sea and withinside the air.”

For the first time in history, NATO activates 'Response Force' to protect member nations | US & World News |

This consists of a multinational pressure which includes lots of extra troops and over a hundred jets placed on excessive alert in 30 places that may installation fast in assist of allied international locations neighbouring Russia and Ukraine. “There ought to be no area for miscalculation or misunderstanding. We will do what it takes to defend and protect each ally, and each inch of NATO territory,” stated Stoltenberg.


However, this doesn’t entail that Nato troops will move into Ukraine, which isn’t a member. The circulate comes amid extensive complaints of the 27-member bloc for inactivity withinside the face of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. The selection to set off the reaction pressure become made following pressing consultations that worried US President Joe Biden and different Nato leaders. The 40,000-robust pressure has now no longer deployed however is on standby. The circulate is essentially to reassure member international locations at the alliance`s jap flank that their protection is assured as Russia’s large-scale invasion of Ukraine closes in at the capital Kyiv.