More Than 45 Million People In 43 Countries Of The World Are On The Verge Of Starvation And Famine – WFP

About four and a half crore people of the world are on the verge of famine. Giving information about this, the World Food Program (WFP) has warned that such a situation exists in 43 countries. According to WFP, the condition of crores of people in the world is so bad that they are not getting food for two times to fill their stomach. The situation is continuously getting worse and worse. In a press release, the organization has said that in the year 2019, this number was 27 million, which has increased to 40 million at the beginning of the current year. According to the organization, the most rapid increase in the number of people suffering from hunger has come in Burundi, Kenya, Angola, Somalia, Haiti, Ethiopia and Afghanistan.

The organization’s executive director David Beazley has said that crores of people have faced this type of problem. He has also said that apart from the corona epidemic, we are facing crises like climate change, conflict, violence and war. The number of people facing starvation conditions is increasing. The latest figures are testifying to the fact that more than 45 million people around the world are moving rapidly towards this situation. Let us tell you that David has recently returned after taking stock of the current situation in Afghanistan. After this he has given this statement. Let us tell you that the UN Food Agency is working to provide help to about 25 million people in Afghanistan.

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David has also expressed concern over rising fuel and food prices in the international market. He said that fertilizers have become much more expensive than before. Because of all this, a new kind of crisis has arisen in front of the world. Such a crisis can be seen in Afghanistan, Syria, and Yemen, which have been hit by war for a long time. It has been said on behalf of the organization that at their level, comprehensive steps are being taken to help the people in such countries. Steps are also being taken where it is not possible to provide help. However, the paucity of resources is also hindering this. The needs cannot be met on the strength of the available resources.

The UN Food Agency has estimated that around $7 billion would be needed to avert a worldwide famine. In the current year, this amount was 6 billion 600 million dollars. The head of the organization expressed his concern over this problem saying that we need more money to help the needy families around the world. Crores of people sitting on the verge of starvation and famine have looted everything. Now they are left with no other resource or option. During the review of the situation in 43 countries, it has come to the fore that some people are not even getting food everyday.