Mexico Suggests Forming Global Peace Commission With PM Modi Among Leaders

Mexican President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador is preparing to present a documented recommendation to the UN to make a committee of three world bosses, including Prime Minister Narendra Modi, to encourage a globe peace for five years.

“I will submit it in handwriting. I will show it to the United Nations. I have been telling it, and I expect the media will support us in applying it. Because they do not communicate when it is not suitable for them,” MSN cited Obrador during a press meeting.

The Mexican President offered that the top committee contain Pope Francis, the UN Secretary-General, Antonio Guterres, and Indian PM Narendra Modi.

The delegation would strive to propose to stop the battles worldwide and reach a contract to pursue calm for at least five years.

“The three of them complete and soon submit a recommendation to prevent the battle around, and get an contract to pursue a peace of at least five years, so that countries about the globe commit themselves to keep their public, particularly the individuals who are mourning the most from the battle and its consequences; that we have five years without stress, without brutality and with peace,” he declared.

Reaching to complete aggressive activities, the Mexican President has requested Beijing, Moscow and Washington to aim for peace and desired the three nations “will attend and receive an intermediation such as the one we are offering”.

“Tell them, by their conflicts, in nobody more than a year, they have pushed this. They have showered the world financial situation, raised inflation and caused food needs, more deprivation and, most alarming of all, in one year, because of the conflicts, many mortal beings have lost their lives. That is a section. That’s what they have accomplished in one year,” MSN mentioned to him.

According to Obrador, the offered truce would encourage “reaching deals in the case of Taiwan, Israel and Palestine, and not be encouraging, causing more conflict”.

Furthermore, he recommended that all the governments worldwide join in the help of the United Nations and not the bureaucratic agency in which recommendations and initiatives are offered.