Latest Updates: Uttar Pradesh Is Moving In Right And Positive Direction Says, CM Yogi in Jaunpur: Deets Inside!

Uttar Pradesh is heading in the correct and positive way, said Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath on Monday, adding that the state’s youth are not experiencing an identity crisis at the moment. “Today, our youth have tablets in their hands, not ‘tamanchas’,” he stated. The UP chief minister stated at a public assembly in Jaunpur, “By connecting talent with technology and training, the future of our youth is being made bright.”

He remarked that rather than being considered rubbish dumps, the cities of UP have been recognised as smart cities. “There is no terror of miscreants in our cities now, rather they have been recognized as ‘safe cities’. Now no one can question the development of UP. With hopeful eyes, the entire world looks at India and Uttar Pradesh.” “I bow down to the land of Jaunpur which was once known for itra, imarti, and imandari,” CM stated while speaking to the crowd during the rally. 

Yogi criticised the opposition parties, especially the Congress Party, the Samajwadi Party, and the Bahujan Samaj Party, for failing to invest in Jaunpur’s development. “Imarti’s original sweetness turned bitter here. The place was known for its ‘itra’, but these people tried to turn the pleasant scent of ‘itra’ into a stench.” “Today, Jaunpur is regaining its lost identity,” he added.

CM Yogi mentioned, “Today, the traders of the state are being linked with the PM SVANidhi Yojana. Through the Traders Welfare Board, traders and business owners are connected to the Jeevan Suraksha Bima Yojana.” The CM emphasised the better law and order situation in the state, saying,  “Now there is no ‘mafia raj’ in UP. No extortions, or kidnappings for ransom take place. The common man is safe in the state, and mafia goons who used to proudly wander the streets are now begging for mercy with placards around their necks.”

The CM stated, “Listing the development works carried out by the government in the area,” “In Jaunpur alone we have provided more than 20,000 houses in the urban area and have given interest-free loans to 11,499 street vendors under PM SVANidhi Yojana. Besides, 15161 destitute women, 11306 divyangjans, and 22242 elderly are getting pensions.”