Latest Updates: Rahul Gandhi Visits Old Delhi, Bengali Market, Tastes Popular Dishes: Checkout Deets!!!

The Congress politician visited old Delhi’s Chandni Chowk, which is bustling with activity during Ramzan, after returning to the national capital following two days of campaigning in poll-bound Karnataka. On Monday, Rahul Gandhi, a former leader of the Congress, paid visits to the Bengali and Matia Mahal markets in old Delhi and treated himself to some of its most well-known foods. The Congressman visited Chandni Chowk in old Delhi, which is bustling with activity during the month of Ramzan, after spending two days campaigning in Karnataka, a state that is close to voting.

Rahul Gandhi visited a well-known “sharbat” vendor and other restaurants in the Matia Mahal neighbourhood. He indulged himself with some fruits and tried some “golgappas” at Nathu Sweets at the Bengali market. In the historic district of Delhi, a sizable crowd gathered around the Congress leader. In the congested streets, people even chanted after him. Rahul Gandhi frequently frequents well-known eateries in Delhi.

Large crowd gathered to see Rahul Gandhi at Old Delhi

The Congress leader was surrounded by a sizable audience in old Delhi. In the congested streets, people even shouted at him and followed him around. Gandhi has frequently been spotted in Delhi dining establishments. Rahul Gandhi participated in the food walk in the busiest part of Old Delhi at this time of year, mingling with people and posing for pictures.

In the current Karnataka election, Rahul Gandhi is running a campaign for the Congress candidates. He has also argued for the elimination of the 50% reservation cap and a census that is based on actual population. In addition, he made a number of election pledges that the Congress will uphold if it wins the election in Karnataka.