Karnataka Govt. Launches Dishaank App To Have Quick Land Records Access; Details Inside

Dishaank is an application developed by Karnataka to confirm quick access to land records.

About Dishnaak app

Talking about the Survey Settlement and Land Records (SSLR) unit of Karnataka’s revenue department is ensuring easy availability of original land records through an app called Dishaank.

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The Dishaank app is developed under the Geographical data system (GIS) program of the Karnataka State Remote Sensing Applications Center (KSRSAC).

The KSRSAC provides satellite data to agencies like the SSLR unit for innovative use.

Karnataka's Dishank App To Curb Fraud In Real Estate

Dishaank leverages Karnataka’s decision with an objective to digitize land records under the Bhoomi project.

Availability of digitized, scanned & geo-referenced maps, made it easier to create the app.

Dishank App: How To Use And Download Dishaank survey App

Data available on the app

The Dishaank app provides information about the land, which has the name of the landowner, the extent of land, sort of ownership, variety of land, litigations, land category, and it is also reported that the other active transactions being done on the land.

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Advantages of Dishnaak app

Citizens can easily avail themselves of the data about the land as recorded within the Bhoomi database. this may help in reducing land disputes and can bring transparency within the maintenance of land records. However, consistent with the Karnataka government, the Dishaank app’s purpose is merely to produce clarity on the first status of land and therefore the app shouldn’t be used for legal purposes in any land-related disputes.


About Bhoomi Project

Bhoomi could be a project to digitize Karnataka’s land records. The project is jointly funded by the govt of India and therefore the Government of Karnataka. The project was developed and implemented by National Informatics Centre (NIC). the target of the project is to eliminate the matter of inefficiency and corruption within the maintenance of land records, especially at block-level offices.