Joe Biden Believes India-US Relationship Important For Global Peace, Economy: US Official

US President Joe Biden believes that for global peace, stability, and economic resilience India-US relations are essential. His top trade negotiator said that the two countries are now better positioned to work on tough issues.

USTR (US Trade Representative) Katherine Tai said to the US Taranjit Singh Sandhu at India House on Independence Day, “President Biden believes that the relationship between our two great democracies is essential to global peace, stability and economic resilience.”

India and the US face similar challenges as they move further into the 21st century. Tai said, “Well, the trade issues that I work on might be in the trickier basket of bilateral issues. I feel very, very positive about the trajectory that we are on. Our bilateral trade in goods and services is growing rapidly reaching dollar 160 billion in 2021. And our ability to work through tough issues is also in a better place than it has been in the past.”

Deputy Secretary Treasury Department Adeyemo said, “The US was a young country struggling to figure out our place in the world, still, before our Civil War, still largely economically ignored.”

He further added, “It demonstrates how quickly India has taken the steps to both build a thriving democracy and a thriving economy, one that we seek to partner with in so many ways. And as we think about the next 75 years, the next 75 years here in the United States, the next 75 years in India.”

He asserted, “‘The two challenges that we face, as two of the world’s most important democracies, is how do we prove the democracy continues to deliver for our people, and I know that America working closely with India will be able to me to meet that challenge.”