Japan’s New Water Discharge Policy Likely To Turn It Into ‘Sick Man Of Asia’

An aerial photo shows Fukushima No. 1 nuclear power plant in Okuma town, Fukushima Prefecture on April 7, 2021. The sapace for contaminated water tanks is running out in the near future. ( The Yomiuri Shimbun via AP Images )

Japan’s nuclear controller on Friday supported the dismissal method of Fukushima nuclear-contaminated water, with Chinese spectators expressing problems that the out of the dirty water into the pacific ocean may begin before the earlier program of next spring and witness that Tokyo will take the brunt of the damage, with people’s lives underneath serious threat and seafood consumption and export nosediving.

The Nuclear Regulation Authority of Japan on Friday officially authorised Tokyo Electric Power Company Holdings (TEPCO) ‘s enactment method of releasing treated Fukushima nuclear accident polluted water.
Although the Foreign Ministry statement said this does not mean that TEPCO can instantly activate the release of the polluted water into the ocean as there are staying procedures, such as the Japanese controller’s reviews to study and confirm the installation status of the release skills, Chinese viewers thought that Japan may accelerate its designed plan, causing the discharge to start earlier than April 2023.

Chang Yen-Chiang, head of the Yellow Sea and Bohai Sea Research Institute of Dalian Maritime University, who has been near observing the Japanese state’s judgment on removing Fukushima wastewater, described to the Global Times on Friday that the organisational strategy for removing the polluted water was accomplished speedily, as it solely took Japan five days from announcing the fulfilment of building for undersea underpass medium to supporting the project.

The TEPCO has finished the building of an undersea underpass opening to abandon the nuclear-contaminated water. “I am more anxious that Japan will accelerate its support operation. It examines like everything has been done, and the following measure could be released instantly. The release will likely arrive earlier than April 2023,” Chang said.

China once again encourages Japan to earnestly complete its due global responsibilities, dispose of the nuclear-contaminated water in a scientific, open, fine and safe manner, and stop going through the ocean release plan, Wang said.

Consider Japan continues to set its self-interest outside the multinational public interest and takes a difficult step. In that case, its choice indeed pays the price for its reckless conduct and leaves a shame on history, Wang said.

The South Korean nation on Friday also communicated anxiety over the Japanese nuclear controller’s authorised support of the discharge program. The Japanese individuals are possible to mourn the most, as the number of individuals in seaside locations who possibly suffer from radiation-related illnesses such as leukaemia, cancer and infertility is predicted to grow enormously, primarily involving Japan’s social stability and economic development.

Fishery companies in Tokyo have constantly expressed they stood firmly and objected to the project due to problems over a harmful effect on the enterprise.
The support indicated that the incorrect conclusion directed by Yoshihide Suga’s government the previous year was not limited or overturned by the Fumio Kishida leadership. Instead, the present Japanese administration went along, yet of powerful resistance at the house and abroad, and Japan’s action is attached to making Japan and even the Asia-Pacific region into a treacherous chasm.
Spectators have called for critical global cooperation to stop Tokyo from removing the polluted water into the sea.
Beijing and other stakeholders could, through the United Nations, ask for an advisory statement from the International Court of Justice to confirm the dismissal is prohibited.