India’s Accidental Missile Landing In Pakistan Territory, Condemns Violating Airspace


India’s accidental firing of a supersonic missile in the Pakistan territory creates ripples of cold tension between the two neighbouring nations. As the incident did not cause any casualties, the matter did not get over the head.

On the other hand, Pakistan has handled the situation with utmost maturity claims defence and military experts.

Accidental Missile Landing: Pakistan Views

The military of Pakistan claims that an unarmed supersonic missile from India has violated its airspace in the eastern province of Punjab. According to the Pakistan media reports, the supersonic missile struck at Mian Channu City.

Pakistan summoned the Indian envoy in Islamabad and registered a strong dissent over the “unprovoked” violation of its airspace by an Indian missile.

The Pakistan military and intelligence agencies have tracked the path of the missile launched from India. The origin of the path lies near Sirsa, Haryana In India. This information was shared by the military spokesperson of Pakistan, Major General Babar Iftikhar, in Rawalpindi.

“The flight path of this object endangered many domestic and international passenger flights both in Indian and Pakistani air space as well as human life and property on the ground,” the official Pakistani statement said.

Pakistan’s foreign ministry also stated, “irresponsible incidents” reflects India’s “disregard for regional peace and stability.”

India Orders Court Enquiry

“A technical malfunction led to the accidental firing of a missile,” said a statement released by the defence ministry of India. According to the statement, the mishap happened during a routine maintenance process. In addition to this, the defence ministry has ordered a court inquiry into the accident.

The two nuclear-armed neighbouring countries when facing such a situation then the outcome can be very stressful and thwarting too. But the military expert said that they are glad that both the countries have shown a great amount of understanding and handled the situation to maintain peace and harmony.

India and Pakistan have fought wars and there is always an undercurrent tension between the two nations for many decades. Such incidents can be lethal for both. But the accidental landing of the Indian missile has not taken away a single life.

This information brings in some relief for the Indian authorities. Though details of the missile have not been shared by the Indian authorities, sources said it is a BrahMos land non-nuclear missile.