Pakistan’s New Security Policy Aims To Make Peace with India, But There’s A Catch!

Pakistan new security policy to make peace with neighbouring countries.

Pakistan’s latest national security policy aims to achieve peace with its immediate neighbouring countries including India. The policy endorses open trade with New Delhi. But without settling the issue of Kashmir, provided there is headway in bilateral talks. Peace with its neighbouring countries and geo-economic ties is the core agenda of Pakistan’s new security policy.

Pakistan’s New Security Policy Details :

Pakistan has issued a first of its kind policy that expresses the vision and guidelines to attain peace and economic development with its neighbours. The policymakers have taken inputs and insights from all the federal, provincial institutions as well as military and other departments. Only a part of the policy is open to the public, not the complete policy.

The new policy includes many important internal and external issues.

The internal issues are population, health, food security, gender and climate. In addition, it deals with external issues like militant and dissident groups and advocates dialogue with reconcilable elements. The policy will under undergo change every year and with a change in the government.

India and Pakistan Relationship :

According to reports, Pakistan is willing to have a dialogue with India to normalise trade and commercial ties between the two countries. The relation between the two neighbouring countries suffered a setback post the attack on Pathankot Air Force Base and the CRPF convoy in Pulwama. The attack of Uri further escalated the differences between the two nations.

Moreover, a further blow hit Pakistan on August 5, 2019, when the Indian government withdrew section 370 of Jammu and Kashmir and declared two UTs. India has always maintained cordial and commercial ties with its neighbours including Pakistan in an environment free from terror and violence.


This new security policy by Pakistan can be seen as a progressive step. However, the country has a reputation of being an offender in areas of peace and border activities. So it will be too early to predict Pakistan’s stand, especially towards India. Imran Khan government has clearly indicated that geo-economic ties don’t overthrow geo-strategic and geo-political interests. The long-standing issue of Kashmir with India remains a vital issue under this policy.