India-China Row: RSS Leader Ram Madhav Wishes To Fix Border Dispute In His Lifetime

The border dispute between India and China should be resolved in my lifetime, said the RSS leader Ram Madhav in dealing with a “cultural nation” like China.

“No one knows who will solve this problem,” Madhav said at the launch of the book ‘China Blood’s Bulletless Borders’ written by retired Colonel Anil Bhatt. Referring to the border dispute between the former Soviet Union and China, the RSS leader said, “You know, the border dispute between the former Soviet Union and China was settled by drunken leader Boris Yeltsin (the first Russian president). Did anyone ever think that Yeltsin would solve this problem in the end? But that is his achievement.”

On the Indo-China conflict, Madhav said, “It is not right to rush to resolve the Indo-China border issue … one should not think that it will be resolved in my lifetime, thinking that it will not solve the problem.”

He highlighted the cultural differences between the two countries. In this context, the ancient Chinese text refers to The Art of War by Sun Xu. In his words, “Whenever we talk about tactics, we think of Arjuna’s concentration on a bird in a tree branch. But if you have a goal, San Ju says, never aim for it alone. Attack five more targets. As a result, they (China) will build dams, they will fight on the border, they will talk to you again.”

It is to be noted that after 1962, in 2020, there was a bloody clash between India and China again over the border dispute. This was followed by a series of meetings between the commanders of the two countries. Although the conflict has been settled, the problem has not been resolved yet.