“Important For Country To Know The Truth” Says Amit Shah In Lok Sabha Govt Ready For Discussion On Manipur In Parliament

The Union Home Minister urged the opposition parties to enable a debate on the Manipur issue, saying that the administration is willing to examine the ‘sensitive’ topic.

Amit Shah, the Union Home Minister, stated on Monday that he is open to a dialogue about the Manipur problem and that it is crucial for the country to hear the truth regarding this “sensitive” situation as the debate in both Houses of Parliament over the issue continues to heat up. In response to the opposition leaders’ persistent requests for the government to provide a statement over the viral video incident, Shah remarked in the Lok Sabha that he begs the leaders to permit a discussion on the topic in the House.

“I am ready for discussion on this in the House. I request the Opposition to let a discussion take place on this issue. It is important that the country gets to know the truth on this sensitive matter: Union Home Minister Amit Shah on the Manipur issue, in Lok Sabha,” Amit Shah was quoted as saying by ANI. The opposition yelled “Modi Sarkar Shame Shame,” “PM Modi Jawab Do,” and “Manipur Wants Justice” as the Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha were postponed until 2 PM on Monday, only minutes after they resumed business at 12 PM. It should be noted that a similar commotion occurred during the first two days of the monsoon session last week, which prevented Parliament from operating at all.

Sanjay Singh, a member of the Aam Aadmi Party, has been expelled from the Rajya Sabha for the remainder of the monsoon session of the Parliament for ‘obstructing’ the proceedings. Sanjay Singh was suspended from the Rajya Sabha for the duration of the session for interfering with the House’s business despite repeated requests, according to Jagdeep Dhankhar, chairman of the body. This occurs while the Manipur issue is the subject of intense commotion in the Parliament.

In response, AAP stated that its legal staff would look into the situation. Saurabh Bhardwaj, a minister in Delhi, said: “If Sanjay Singh is suspended for raising his voice for the truth, then we will not be upset. Our legal team will look into this matter, but this is unfortunate”