IAEA Establishes Talks Between Russia And Ukraine: Read On To Know More…”

International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) Director-General has said that IAEA has succeeded in establishing a high-level direct dialogue on nuclear security between Russia and Ukraine.
Establishing direct dialogue
IAEA Director-General held meetings with the foreign ministers of Russia and Ukraine in Turkey. Delegations from both countries also participated. At the meeting, both countries agreed to determine high-level direct dialogue and still engage with IAEA.

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Status of nuclear reactors in Ukraine
According to IAEA, eight of Ukraine’s 15 nuclear reactors are still operating despite the continuing armed conflict. Some of the reactors are been under the control of Russia.

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On 9th March IAEA was informed by Ukraine that the defunct Chernobyl atomic energy plant is disconnected from the electricity grid. Electricity is employed for cooling spent fuel.

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However, disconnection from the electricity grid won’t have any critical impact on safety because the cooling remains maintained using reserve diesel generators.
About IAEA
The International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) is a global autonomous organization established in 1957 through IAEA Statute. However, it reports to both the international organisation General Assembly (UNGA) and the world organization council (UNSC).

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Its headquarters is found in Vienna, Austria. Its objective is to stop the employment of atomic energy for any military purpose. However, it promotes the peaceful use of atomic energy.
IAEA provides international safeguards and guidelines against the misuse of nuclear technology and nuclear materials and promotes the implementation of nuclear security standards.
In the wake of the Russia-Ukraine war, IAEA urged both countries to take care of restraint and make sure the safety of nuclear establishments