“I Present My Country To The World As It Is And Myself As I Am” Says, PM Modi Ahead Of US Visit: Checkout Deets!

According to Prime Minister Modi, he is portraying India honestly. In addition, he stated that he is portraying himself honestly. Prime Minister Narendra Modi has declared that he is portraying India in its current state during his trip to the United States. In addition, he stated that he is portraying himself honestly. The leaders of the U.S. and India have never had more trust in one another, according to PM Modi in an interview with The Wall Street Journal.  “There is an unprecedented trust between the leaders of the U.S. and India,” PM Modi told The Wall Street Journal. He also said that disputes should be resolved with “diplomacy and dialogue,” India is in favour of peace, not war.

“All countries should respect international law and the sovereignty of countries. Disputes should be resolved with “diplomacy and dialogue,” not war…Some people say that we are neutral. But we are not neutral. We are on the side of peace,” PM Modi said. “The world has full confidence that India’s topmost priority is peace,” he added. In an interview with a US daily newspaper, Prime Minister Modi expressed India’s commitment to upholding the rule of law, respecting sovereignty and territorial integrity, and finding peaceful solutions to conflicts. “For normal bilateral ties with China, peace and tranquility in the border areas is essential. We have a core belief in respecting sovereignty and territorial integrity, observing the rule of law and peaceful resolution of differences and disputes. At the same time, India is fully prepared and committed to protect its sovereignty and dignity,” PM Modi stated.

Indian Americans in Washington organised the Unity march in advance of PM Modi’s visit this week to give him a hearty welcome. On the invitation of President Joe Biden and First Lady Jill Biden, Prime Minister Modi will make his first state visit to the US from June 20 to 24. At a state dinner on June 22, the US president and first lady will also host PM Modi. The Prime Minister will meet with numerous American politicians, notable individuals, and well-known figures from the diaspora while in the country. He will also speak to the US Congress’ Joint Session and address the US public.

The march has been arranged by Indian Americans in New York and 20 other significant American cities. Modi Modi, Vande Mataram, and Vande America were being chanted by the neighbourhood. Ramesh Anam Reddy, a member of the Indian-American diaspora and a participant in the unification march, said: “We are all here, the Indian diaspora in Washington DC, Maryland and all the surrounding cities, we are all here to celebrate the ‘Unity Day’ and the PM Modi joining American president Biden. So, this is a great event for all of us and a great moment for all of us,” as quoted by ANI.