Genome Mapping Mandatory To Tackle Omicron in Capital And No need To Panic: Kejriwal

genomic mapping mandatory to tackle omicron : CM Kejriwal

Genome mapping is now mandatory for all the covid positive patients in the Capital from today. This information comes from Delhi’s CM Arvind Kejriwal during a press release today. This decision is taken to track the cases of the Omicron variant. In last few days covid cases are increasing in the capital and crossed the 100 mark almost after six months. Mr. Kejriwal states as cases are increasing fast so we want to be sure if its because of Omicron or not, that’s why genome mapping is now mandatory.

Genome mapping is crucial at this point of time as it will help in differentiating the Delta and Omicron variant. As a result of it tracking the new more infectious strain of corona can be achieved in covid positive patients. Mr. Kejriwal said, “No need to panic, all arrangements are in place to face the new Variant.” In addition he also requested people to adhere to wearing mask in public places and maintain social distancing as much as possible. As we are reaching the festive time its important to take precautions because corona is still very much present. He also appealed to the central government to administer the Booster Dose. Till now approximately 99% eligible population have received the first dose and 70% have got second dose in the capital. At present Delhi has 23 cases of the Omicron variant.

Genome mapping mandatory to tackle Omicron Issue.

Genome Mapping Importance:

Genomic mapping is the study of the genetic make up of an organism. It is like a manual of instructions that tells or reads the make up of an organism. In Corona Virus the genetic make up is of RNA[Ribonucleic Acid]. As coronavirus is multiplying its mutating thus changing the genetic make up and that results in new variants latest being the Omicron. Before this we saw the Delta variant.

Genome Mapping decoded mutations of coronavirus over the time.

To study the ever-changing genetic make up helps us in finding the infectious power of the virus. As a result of genome mapping vaccinations and medications are either prescribed or developed to fight against the virus. Without genome mapping vaccination against corona would have not been possible. At last, we all need to be alert and follow the rules and regulations during this pandemic. Vaccination is of prime importance.