Gender Discrimination And Abuse: Reality of Indian Society

The recent deaths of infants or babies facing cruelty at the hands of relatives have shocked the country. But it’s true that gender discrimination isn’t confined to at least one particular economic class or section or a community. it’s widespread and even the states that top the literacy chart like Kerala incorporates a skewed child sex ratio.

The 2001 and 2011 Indian census reports show a major decrease in the number of women compared to boys within the 0-6 categories.

State health society report reveals crucial statistics and analysis which says that child sex ratio has fallen in 9 out of 14 districts in past 10 years. This we are talking about where the population is extremely educated and fairly wealthy compared to other states.

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According to sociologists, the matter is acute because mothers are often unable to talk up for their children. they need limited rights within the family and practically no decision-making powers.

There is an urgent have to change the mindset of the communities while strengthening the laws within the country. there’s no dearth of laws but the implementation has to be tightened.

The Pre Natal Diagnostic Techniques Act and Rules is in situ for years and is fairly a stringent law then again female feticide is rampant across the cities and villages.

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The need of the hour is to implement the laws more strictly with heavy punishments as deterrents which would create a sense of restrictions in the judiciary as there has been always a kind of lacking when it comes to the implementation of policies and programmes. Another measure might be to introduce agency courts to seem at the cases that involve the rights of minors.

A 2007 report by the ministry for ladies and child development revealed that over 53% of youngsters in India have been sexually abused and lots have not shared the very fact of this abuse with anyone.

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They need speedy justice to manoeuvre on and leave the past behind. The institutions involved in child protection should lean more teeth so they will take some effective measures against ill-treatment.