Europe Heatwave: Weather Wreaks Havoc, Fear For Thousands Of Lives

It’s getting very hot in Europe right now. In France on Monday, the mercury column exceeded 42 degrees Celsius, setting a new temperature record. Scientists say that such a record was set in England. He warned that thousands of people could die from this unusual heat. It is more common in Spain and Portugal. Almost all scientists agree that this heat is the result of climate change. He said that climate change has now created a public health emergency. Hundreds of people died from lack of heat in Portugal and Spain. This number should continue to grow.

Britain is Burning

The temperature in London on Monday exceeded 36 degrees Celsius. The UK Met Office has since warned that temperatures in the UK will top 41 degrees this season. It will be a record. Previously, the highest temperature in Korea was recorded in 2019, when the mercury column recorded 38.7 degrees Celsius. This summer the British press has become a hot topic. An editorial in a newspaper says that Britain is no longer a cold country. Governments must now formulate policies with this reality in mind.

Earth has risen by 1.2°celsius due to climate change

The highest temperature was recorded on Monday in the French city of Biscarro. There, the mercury rose to 42.6 degrees Celsius. According to meteorologists, hot winds from Africa are the reason for such heat. Meteorologists have shown that the Earth is constantly warming up. Over the past century, the average surface temperature of the Earth has risen by 1.2°C due to climate change. Now, this temperature affects the total time. This results in record heat. The duration of summer is also longer than before. Many studies show that such heat would not be possible without anthropogenic climate change.

Danger for elderly and sick

Recent studies have shown that warm winds in Europe are three to four times stronger than in the northern hemisphere. “If the natural climate remains the same, the likelihood of temperatures in the UK exceeding 40 degrees will be ten times lower,” said Nikos Christidis, a scientist at the UK Met Agency. Experts warn that extreme heat can happen. Dangerous for the elderly and sick. Of particular interest, this summer in the UK, where only 3% of homes are air-conditioned.

In Spain, for the fifth consecutive night, temperatures did not fall below 25.8 degrees Celsius. The heat has caused forest fires in many parts of France, Spain and Portugal. This heat also creates problems for transportation networks. British officials warned that the heat could melt the rails. There have also been warnings of damage to the tires of the planes due to overheating.