DU Proctor Under Immense Pressure,” Says NSUI After Official Objects To Rahul Gandhi’s Visit To University: Details Inside!!!

Neeraj Kundan, national president of the National Students’ Union of India, retaliated after Delhi institution’s proctor called the students who attended Congress leader Rahul Gandhi’s visit to the institution on Friday, stating the proctor is currently under “immense pressure.” The leader of the Congress Student Union further asserted on Twitter that Rajni Abbi, the Proctor, could be seen on the CCTV tape of Rahul’s visit. “If you can see the CCTV footage, you were also involved very much in the interaction programme you also asked a couple of questions too, we @nsui totally understand that you are under immense pressure to give baseless interviews in order to keep your authorities happy,” Neeraj Kundan tweeted on Sunday.

Abibi had previously voiced her disapproval of Rahul Gandhi’s visit to the institution and said that the students who accompanied Gandhi were “outsiders.”  “I got a message that Rahul Gandhi has entered PG men’s hostel. When I entered the hostel there was a mob of students who were outsiders, NSUI or some office-bearers. It was in a staged manner. They should have informed the University or the area SHO.

He is a person of national importance, it’s a security breach for him as well as for students,” Rajni Abbi told ANI. Along with expressing concerns about security as a result of Rahul Gandhi’s unannounced visit to the university campus, Abbi voiced opposition to the Congressman’s attendance and added that they opposed turning the college into a “Political Akhada” (political arena).

On Friday, Rahul Gandhi visited the Delhi University North Campus’ Post Graduate Men’s Hostel and spoke with students there. Rahul Gandhi asked the students about their problems and career goals during his visit. He shared lunch in the hostel with the students as well. Rajni Abbi continued to express her worries by saying, “Secondly, the security of the hostel was compromised in the sense that when he went in with so many students, the security guards could not stop him. God forbid nothing happened wrong, but suppose there was even a single notorious student in the crowd. Suppose somebody would have touched him or something happened, then who would have been responsible?”