Drug Addiction Spread In Society Like Cancer: Lets Understand Its Repercussion

Drug addiction is the worst social evil of contemporary civilization. It’s spreading like cancer. The misguided and frustrated adults are easier to get attracted to this habit. Mostly from rich families, these people have become habitual of using drugs like heroin, smack, opium, charas, cocaine, ganja, and refined sugar. dependence could be a part of civilisation. It’s thought may be a thing of fashion and modernisation.

The worst aspect of this social evil is – If you begin taking drugs in fun or fashion, it becomes so habitual that it can’t be left easily. it’s an invite to death. This addiction not surprisingly is reaching and spreading across Asian and African countries. Dependence is self-destruction. this could take sometimes as we see just in case of cancer, but it’s a sure stepping towards death.

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Drugs are used for medical purposes for ages. Never before this contemporary period. There was no misuse of medication. Man is greedy naturally. To earn more in a brief period some anti-social adulterated drugs cause deaths those that are busy in anti-human action for their selfish motives, should be punished. There should be no encouragement from the department to anti-social elements. the general public should also co-operation to form anti-social elements suffer.

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Drug abuse has become a good social and cultural problem. it’s been polluting the minds and morals of our young men. The menace of medication can’t be tackled by the authorities alone. There should be a comprehensive and all-out – war to displace this evil from the scholars. rehabilitation centres should be opened to treat the addicts the same as the cause of addiction.

However, the foundation of this evil lies within the disorder and degeneration of our social and family life. they’ll not be tempted or lured by the vicious addiction to medicine. The abuse of medicine has now become a world problem.

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Recent studies show that 88% of heroin addicts in India are within the cohort of 14-25 years. after all, at the moment misuse has become a craze among school and college students. drug habit is taken into account as a fashion or a logo of modernity at the start. But after your time it becomes a habit, making the body weak and prey to various diseases.

Children in distress with no education witnessing sex and violence seen through T.V. and cinema programs and fear of uncertainty of future life prepare youth to be the prey of this addiction. The drug affects an individual physically, mentally, and spiritually resulting in a wrecked life. he lives just for these deadly drugs.

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Drug addiction must be fought on a war footing. Concerning departments and the public should be aware of removing this social evil. good publicity should be made regarding this social evil. an oversized number of banners, posters, and placards should be displayed. Drug addiction should be highlighted and we’ll explain it through the media radio, television, and the press. the oldsters should be more careful about their wards, especially at a tender young age.

Also, the drug addicts should be kept under special care and treatment and their rehabilitation should be taken seriously. Doubtful anti- welfare workers should be checked with regular attention and may be punished seriously if found guilty.