Domestic Violence in Rural India: A Serious Issue Needs Tackling With With Sensitivity

Because of its more open, less populated part, rural areas of India are more susceptible to force situations than those in additional urban areas. More people sleep in rural areas or villages than in other places in India.

Domestic violence, usually with women the victims of men within the household, can affect physical, mental, emotional, sexual, and reproductive health. possibly, the person will sustain some form of injury, whether physically or via some type of post-traumatic stress or anxiety from the experience.

The cruelty of this public health issue must be delivered to light, especially in regions where education is far more limited and students drop out of college at young ages.

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That being said, there are many pivotal social issues additionally to the core subjects of reading, writing, math, science, history, and other topics that schools must address. force must be put at the forefront for a few amount of the essential learning processes in rural India, or the govt. should make a message about it so as to tell people about what to observe out for and the way to cater to violence in their country.

Since most victims are those that have less power within the household, making some form of support groups, teaching those the way to report acts of force, or shedding some light on the subject from the govt itself would greatly impact their safety.

Due to a mainly agricultural lifestyle, the societal norms of the class structure and arranged marriages at a young age, and increasing alcohol consumption all add up to a considerable amount of force cases.


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To go into more detail, the class structure and its direct social hierarchy over people can cause force. Your socio-economic class or occupation in India is pivotal to success or will be the source of unequal treatment.

If someone is in a very higher caste than their spouse, their children, or other members of their family, they almost have power over the others and might get special treatment for it.

Alcohol in an exceeding nutshell is understood to create people worse with motor skills/coordination, more confident in their abilities (even though it’s quite the opposite), and more easily agitated.

With increased consumption, because of any number of outdoor factors, people are more likely to urge enraged at anyone, have a brief temper, and commit an act of violence.

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Violence against women, or VAW, has been seen as a sensitive subject, but must be addressed more for the long-term effects it’s on not only the lady but also the family structure as a full. Intimate partner violence, gender-based violence, and violence can all occur in these places at a heightened rate, and might occur both in and outdoors of people’s houses, especially in less populated places.

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Summing up, violence may be a widespread issue most prevalent within the more rural communities and villages. the govt., while attempting to prevent the problem, must directly attend to these areas and spread more awareness and support for victims of force.

This can be not a controversy which will just escape with time and wishes direct attention from the govt. and other organizations to be addressed. If ignored, the problem could spiral out of control more so than ever, negatively affecting countless families throughout the state.