Covid-19 Epidemic Reduced Life Span Of Human Life, World Gone Backward In Development: WHO

The path of development in the world has been hampered due to the Corona epidemic that has engulfed the world. This has been mentioned in the latest report of the United Nations Development Program. It has been said that apart from the corona epidemic, some other reasons have also become a hindrance in the path of development. Because of all this, the world has gone into the era of 2016. In this report released by the United Nation on Thursday, it has been said that this is the first time during the 30 years of the formation of UNDP that the path of development has been blocked in this way all over the world.

Declined Life expectancy

Data released by the UNDP show that due to the epidemic, among other reasons, the level of education, life expectancy and standard of living have declined in the world. There has been a tremendous decline in this during 2020 and 2021. UNDP chief Achim Stener said during a conversation with AFP that these figures simply mean that we will die soon. According to him, three levels of data can be found out why everyone is so upset and desperate at the present time. People are currently worried about their future.

Political,economical and climate related problem

According to Steiner, the rate of growth was steadily upwards before 2020, which continued to decline in 2021 after the pandemic. Apart from the Corona epidemic, political, economic and climate related problems have also hampered it. These problems were there earlier also but during the pandemic they have seen a tremendous increase. In this period, 90 percent of the countries of the world have come under its grip.

Many country are still battling with it

It has been said in this report that some countries have managed to recover from the epidemic and move on the path of development, but many countries are still battling it. South American countries, African countries, countries of South Asia and Caribbean countries are prominent in this. The report also mentions the Russo-Ukraine war. The report states that the food crisis caused by this war has not been assessed in this report. Despite this, it is certain that 2022 is not going to pass properly.

According to the report, there has been a decline of about two and a half years in terms of life expectancy. According to the report, its impact has been seen in the European countries of Azerbaijan, Ukraine, France and Switzerland. In Asia, Afghanistan, India, China and Hong Kong are at the forefront. The Oceania countries include Papua New Guinea, Palau Au, Brazil, Canada, Yemen, Palestine, Qatar and Israel in the Middle East, Haiti, Uruguay and Chile in Latin America and the Caribbean, South Sudan, Nigeria, South Africa and Mauritius in African countries. are ahead.