Centre To Take Down All COVID Restrictions From March 31, Except Wearing Masks, Physical Distancing


Amid the continuous decline in the number of COVID-19 cases across the country, the Union home ministry has decided to cut down on the restrictions from March 31. The restrictions are applicable except wearing masks and maintaining social distance.

The Centre on March 24, 2020, had started implementing COVID restrictions under the Disaster Management Act 2005. That included nationwide lockdown and state-wise restrictions during the pandemic. Time and again, these restrictions changed as per the need of the state and the Centre.

How Restriction Helped Us?

Restrictions, good or bad, were the need of the hour as the pandemic of such a scale was not seen before. India started its major restrictions in the form of a national lockdown on March 24, 2020, which continued in 4 phases till May 31, 2020. Post this, the states, as per their needs and caseload, kept their individual rules and restrictions in coping with the disease.

During this period, though the cases were increasing but the government got time to uplift the health facilities as per needs to combat the pandemic. Along with this, the government took a major effort to make people aware about the disease and its effects. The most famous tagline of the pandemic which will be still in play includes “Do gaz ki doori, Mask hai zaroori”.

Surely, the restrictions helped a lot in slowing down the spread of the virus though WHO never recommended the lockdown across different nations. In WHO guidelines the mandatory thing included wearing masks and maintaining social distancing.

Major Factors Helped In Declining Impact

If we look closely than some of the factors played a crucial role in controlling the spread of the virus including:

AWARENESS: This is a key factor that helped the common man to understand the disease and how it spreads. So, that we know the methods to keep ourselves safe and protected. It also included the mass coverage of the slogan “Do gaz ki doori, mask hai zaroori” through electronic media, paper media etc. So , that the people acquire the habit of wearing of masks and maintain distance to avoid the spread.

VACCINATION: If we study closely then vaccination surely proved to be the most effective method in protecting the billions of people across the globe. Before vaccination discovery the only thing which was present to help us was mask and social distancing. But with vaccination coming into play things changed. As the vaccination cover started getting up, the caseload and death rate showed a decline too. Due to which today we are back on the normal functioning of the pre-covid era to an extent.  Till today India has administered 182.23 crore doses of covid vaccine.

At present India’s covid numbers shows extremely great signs. That we are on the right path. The latest covid data shows that India reported 1938 cases in a single day and 67 deaths. India is also seeing a continuous downfall in active cases too in last few weeks.

Well as still new variants are reported across the globe. So, allowing our safety guard down can prove to be lethal for all of us. So, mask and social distance is mandatory for us.