“Congress Aayi, Tabahi Laayi” PM Modi Says Party Has No Roadmap For MP’s Development: Checkout Deets!

On Thursday, Prime Minister Modi attacked the Congress, claiming that when the ancient party took over the state, it also brought devastation.

Speaking harshly against the Congress on Thursday, Prime Minister Narendra Modi claimed that the party had brought destruction to the state when it came to power. PM Modi further stated that Madhya Pradesh’s development is not mapped out by the Congress and that people trust his assurances. On November 17, there will be a single phase of elections for the 230-member Madhya Pradesh Legislative Assembly.

During a public rally in Satna, the state that is headed for elections, Prime Minister Modi stated: “Congress aayi, tabahi laayi (Congress came, brought destruction)”. PM Modi continued his assault on the Congress by saying, “Congress has no roadmap for the development of Madhya Pradesh. The youth of the state sees no future in Congress. The state has faith in the guarantees given by Modi. Har guarantee ki poori hone ki guarantee.”

The Prime Minister stated at the rally that India is reaching new heights in the world thanks to the blessings of the saints and the people of the country.  “India is reaching new heights in the world because of the blessings of the saints and the people of the country. It is the miracle of people’s votes that has thwarted the courage of enemies of the nation,” PM Modi said, as quoted by PTI. He also stated that the women in Madhya Pradesh will decide the future of the state.