Adultery Law In Armed Forces Should Be Gender Neutral, Women Demand Equal Rights

It has been two years since adultery was struck off from the IPC as one of the lists of offences in the armed forces in September 2018. However, on Monday, the Ministry of defense pleaded to the Supreme Court to retain the criminality of adultery, which is, ‘stealing the affection of brother officer’s wife’,  in the armed forces. Earlier, those found guilty of adultery were subjected to punishment that could be as high as being cashiered from service aka dismissal. This was just a little shy from one of the worst offences in the army, i.e., cowardice. But just getting retention on this law enough to bring justice in the armed community? As per some research, it seems that the law which called itself gender-neutral, was, in fact, biased towards female privilege. As per a report by ...

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