Can India Mediate Between Russia And Ukraine? Looking back At Modi-Putin Chemistry

Modi's relationship sketch with Putin

Russian President Vladimir Putin and Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi have a close friendship. Through his sway, Modi may play a significant role in bringing an end to the conflict between Russia and Ukraine.

There have been tight ties between India and Russia for so many years now. Both nations have already lent their support to one another.

The global economy has been affected by the conflict between Russia and Ukraine. Crude oil and natural gas prices are rising steadily. After two weeks, there seems to be no end in sight to this conflict. Modi has not only become a great leader in recent times, but also a worldwide leader. In their leadership styles, Modi and Putin have many parallels.

Narendra Modi was elected India’s prime minister with a landslide victory in 2014, while Putin has been in charge of Russia for more than a decade. Both nations have a lot of faith in their leaders.

More than five times, Narendra Modi has met Russian President Vladimir Putin. Since India’s independence, Russia has been a dependable and loyal ally. In contrast to the majority of affluent countries, Russia has always backed India’s UNSC seat. Putin and Modi get along well on a personal level.

In December 2021, Vladimir Putin travelled to India. He remarked that India is a long-standing and friendly country. The relationship between India and Russia is advancing rapidly due to the strong personal chemistry between these two leaders. Most of India’s military equipment comes from Russia.

There have been a number of important agreements made between Modi and Putin. Pact for international collaboration in the fields of research, technology, and innovation, Pact for the protection of intellectual property rights and defence cooperation, Pact for cultural exchange programmes, etc.

But the question here is that can Modi become a peacemaker? Zelensky also asked India to urge Russia to cease hostilities in Ukraine. India’s ability to mediate peace in this conflict is well acknowledged.

PM Modi addressed the safe evacuation of thousands of Indians from Ukraine with Russia’s president and Ukraine’s president. It’s too early to know whether Modi can be a mediator during this difficult moment. However, a friendship between Modi and Putin may ease global tensions.

The country’s connections with other nations have also evolved under Narendra Modi’s strong leadership. India’s worldwide image has been boosted greatly by Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s efforts.

India has a strong relationship with Russia. Under Putin and Modi’s leadership, the strong ties between the two countries will only deepen. Through his power, Modi has been able to protect and evacuate Indian citizens from Ukraine.