Booster Dose Maybe Necessary For All Adults: ICMR


Booster Dose for all adults might be a reality soon. As the ICMR’s National Institute of Virology (NIV) Director Priya Abraham said, “Eventually all adults in India may get booster dose but a decision may be taken after evaluation of relevant data by the expert groups and factoring in issues like availability of vaccines.”

This observation comes after the study of the effect of vaccination post first and second dose. As the antibodies count decreases post the second dose in a time span of eight months. So, a booster dose can give that extra immunity cover to a person against variants of coronavirus. The booster dose is very effective against the Omicron variant too.

Why Booster Dose Is Necessary?

Every covid vaccine has a tendency to produce antibodies against the virus. But the efficacy of a vaccine is variable. Like the efficacy of existing vaccines in India Covishield, Covaxin, Covovax and Corbevax are varying against the omicron variant.

Priya Abraham, Director of NIV, said, “Booster dose boost antibodies. Our study shows a booster dose significantly enhances the immune response against all variants of concern so far, even against Omicron.”

She added that a booster dose for all adults will give great coverage against covid and other VOCs (Variant Of Concern).

The Booster dose administration started during the third wave of corona under the Omicron variant, on 10th Jan 2022. Initially, it was given to frontline workers, healthcare workers and senior citizens with co-morbidities.

Recently, only the booster dose for all senior citizens is made compulsory which means any person above 60 is eligible for a booster dose.

On the Research front the NIV, which is the core body to conduct research on vaccines and diagnostics, has isolated five new strains of coronavirus that can be fruitful in developing vaccines against the Omicron variant. NIV stated that they have handed the strains to Bharat Biotech.

India’s vaccination drive is moving ahead to reach the target of vaccinating its adult population with two doses. Tough we are quite behind on our pre-decided target of vaccinating adults by Dec 2021. Yet, it won’t be wrong to say that whatever is achieved is also commendable keeping India’s population size in the mind.

Till now a total of 2.33 crore booster or precautionary doses has been administered. One big concern is the availability of the vaccine if ICMR nods to the decision of giving booster jabs to all adults.