Ajit Pawar Skips Press Conference As Sharad Pawar Says He Will Stay On As NCP Chief: Checkout Deets!!!

In the morning, Ajit Pawar attended the NCP committee meeting, which unanimously rejected Sharad Pawar’s plan to resign. Even when Sharad Pawar resigned as NCP president, Ajit Pawar was conspicuously absent from the press briefing. Ajit Pawar did not attend the press conference at the YB Chavan Centre in Mumbai, despite the fact that he was present at the NCP committee meeting earlier in the day, which unanimously rejected Sharad Pawar’s decision to resign.

Sharad Pawar responded to a question concerning Ajit Pawar’s absence from the media briefing by saying, “Everyone can’t be present in one press conference. Some of the people are here and some others are not. But this morning, senior leaders of the party, took a decision unanimously and made me aware of it. Everyone expressed their sentiments through that decision. So, raising a question as to who is present here and who isn’t or looking for meaning into this, is not correct.”

Senior leader Jayant Patil said Ajit had gone to Sharad Pawar’s house earlier in the day to persuade him to rescind his resignation. “He was there¬† when we visited Pawar Sahab’s residence after the decision was taken at the party office. Even though I didn’t know about the press conference, I arrived a little late. Not everyone was told,” ANI quoted Patil as saying. The news comes amid speculation that Ajit Pawar is leaning towards the BJP. When Ajit Pawar failed to attend a meeting of the NCP’s Mumbai chapter last month, speculation about his departure grew.

Pawar announced his resignation as chief of the NCP, the political organisation he formed and led since 1999, in an unexpected decision on Tuesday. The decision was met with complaints by party workers and leaders, who begged the leader to reverse it.¬† After declaring his plan to quit, Pawar stated that his replacement would be chosen by a committee of party leaders. The committee unanimously rejected Sharad Pawar’s resignation decision on Friday. Sharad Pawar stated at the press conference that he could not insult the feelings of his colleagues and party workers who requested that he rescind his decision.

“I cannot disrespect their feelings. I am overwhelmed by the love, trust and faith showered on me. Considering the appeals made by all of you, and honouring the decision of the committee constituted by the party, I am withdrawing my decision to retire,” PTI quoted the veteran politician as saying. “I will also work vigorously for the growth of the organisation and take our ideology and goals of the party to the people,” he further stated.