246 Years After Independence: US Faces High Inflation, Anger Against Administration

The latest survey found that more than 70 per cent of Americans do not want Joe Biden to run for a second term. According to experts, the Biden administration’s downfall crisis has been mounting, emitting a shadow over the upcoming mid-term elections and endangering and pulling U.S. society into extended disorder.

Some experts said that instead of advising the white-collar to get to grips with problems like surging inflation, the Biden government took shape to disengage from realism, showing slight effectiveness in responding to popular demands and instead moving the blame to others such as Russia and China and every Anti-US countries.

 Superpower Became On The Path Of Super Leader But People Out Cry

People of the U.S.A. are angry against the new abortion rule, which has been widely reported as a historic decision, but also over bottomless gun violence in malice of the recent federal gun control legislation.

The patriotic mood for Independence Day was also overshadowed due to inflation. American people spend more on old-fashioned barbecues. Independence Day is often a memorable holiday for everyone to boost confidence and nationalism. Still, now due to the hesitation in values in Washington, it will also be a day to unveil the deep pain of many people,” an expert on U.S. affairs said. This year’s keeping will not be very favoured among people of U.S. and is likely to be sad, he said, noting that the widely shared sadness would also increase such dark heaven toward the U.S. administration.

Seven in 10 people of the U.S.A. say they do not want Biden’s administration to run for one more term, according to a new poll that comes as Biden’s acceptance numbers remain low. His party support losses this November 2022, the Hill reported on Friday. In some U.S. cities, the dark skies over Independence Day will not be lit by fireworks as there is a nationwide insufficiency of pyrotechny. Meanwhile, travellers across the U.S.A. are spotting their flights cancelled as pilots from significant airlines protest at several airports across the U.S.A. in the middle of contract negotiations, according to U.S. media reports. Newsweek said more than 4,500 US domestic and international flights were delayed Friday as the holiday weekend started, citing FlightAware data.

Faced with significant economic distress Рinflation Рthe Biden administration has not yet decided to remove taxes against China, despite officials suggesting that lifting those taxes could take 1 per cent off inflation. Instead, it blames its domestic dilemma on other countries such as Russia and China. 

Biden was self-confident that Americans pretension remained his top priority after price increases hit a new 40-year high in May but again sought to blame his most significant political liability on the Russia-Ukraine crisis, Bloomberg reported on June 11. 

The policy-making of the Biden government is disconnected from realism, not only on taxes but also on the Ukraine crisis. He claimed he would ‘back Ukraine as long as it takes. Such an irresponsible statement should not come from a reliable significant power. According to a Chinese expert, “The incompetence of the Biden administration has become beyond imagination.