When It Comes To Defending, Democracy And Western Media Sounds Shady At Times

Voting and democratic judgments are often final. Al Gore, a Democratic presidential candidate, branded George W. Bush’s Florida triumph a “pregnant chad” in 2000 as per an article published by ‘The Nation’. The vote-punching method was at issue. Dimpled or pregnant chads imply insufficient force. This was the most distinguished democracy’s election procedure.

Paper ballots were still used in USA Presidential election as per India Today, 2016 article. Western media and major NGOs and think institutes continue to defame India as a dictatorship despite its better voting processes and impartial Election Commission. The West accepted authoritarian governments that killed their own people in the name of democracy. China shows how Western democracies trade with tyrants that violate human rights as per the articles published by Amnesty.

The West has known for years that China mistreats its inhabitants, from peaceful Falon Gong practitioners to brutal crackdowns on student demonstrators and organ harvesting of live political prisoners, but has ignored the matter since China looks to be a promising commercial and investment prospect as claimed by an article written by Chlopak (2001). Despite all of this evidence, CEOs of investment banks and businesses continue to do business with a horrible dictatorship, showing the hypocrisy of Western values and democracy.

It seems quite absurd when people say the US is the oldest democracy since African Americans didn’t have voting rights until the late 1960s. The claim is also supported by an article in The Guardian. BR Ambedkar, a lower caste person, wrote Indian Constitution, and all Indians had the right to vote after independence. It’s still popular in India.

Despite being autonomous for over 300 years, the American system never allowed giants to climb to power. Imagine a democracy where women and later African Americans got the right to vote after years of battle. Would a rational person call such a democracy? The US asserts that it was the first democratic country.

As someone who worked and lived in the US, people may wonder how the West with its biased media, think institutes, and questionable NGOs can argue that India is not a total democracy hinted by several articles of bbc.com. Indians, with over a billion people, more cultural diversity, and more political parties than the US?

Indians can’t believe these hate organisations had the gall to teach a 5,000-year-old civilisation about Western culture. They have no right to lecture us on human rights since they invaded and killed whole populations in the nations they colonised, including the American Indians and many others in the East, West, and South America, and continue to do so in the 21st century.

They’ve always had hard, incontrovertible truths. Western values caused Nagasaki and Hiroshima. Western principles are demonstrated by the deployment of Agent Orange and Napalm in Vietnam, the invasions of Iraq and Syria, the toppling of their governments, and so on. They hire or brainwash people from oppressed nations to speak out against their own country as per the opinion of 2nacheki, a YouTuber.

Despite India’s increasing GDP, the West lectures us about some bogus “Hunger index” or “human rights,” and Western media coverage of these topics is so biased as to be hilarious. How can media and reports publish such apparent lies in this day of social media, when every statistic is online, and when, with the exception of China, Indians have hundreds of thousands of newspapers, reporters, and TV stations reporting in multiple languages than any place else in the world?

This must be considered before Western NGOs, media, and think institutes are taken seriously. There are no Western values; rather, Indians have their own philosophy and set of beliefs that the West has desperately tried to appropriate, such as counting Sanskrit as part of the Indo-European language family even though Westerners have long known that Sanskrit, the cradle of language, originated in India rather than through an invasion from the north.

Vedic knowledge in Sanskrit is only found in India and some other nations of Asia; it was taken to the West and translated by Arabian and later Western invaders, who were so awed by our sacred texts that they claimed they could not have been conceived by an indigenous people who were not white, but Sanskrit is only found in Asia, its birthplace.

India invented the ideal round number zero and circular philosophy. We’re here, and Western culture won’t mislead the billion-plus Indians and Indian descendants worldwide. India is finally emerging from colonisation and entering a new century.