What Did America Say To Beijing About The India-China Border Dispute? Find Out Right Here!

Amid tensions on the India-China border, the US has warned Beijing that its attempts to “threaten” neighbouring countries are worrying. The US has also said that it will “stand by its partner countries”. Tension has been prevailing between India and China in the Eastern Ladakh region for more than one and a half years. There have been many rounds of military-level talks between the two countries to overcome the problems, but till now the solution has not been achieved.

America’s latest statement has come at a time when the 14th round of military-level talks between India and China is about to begin. According to the news agency PTI, this conversation at the level of Corps Commander can be held on Wednesday (January 12). Apart from India, there has also been a historic decline in China’s relations with Taiwan. China claims Taiwan as its province, while Taiwan considers itself a sovereign country. China also continues to have disputes with many of its neighbouring countries over the South China Sea. At the same time, China has a dispute with Japan in the East China Sea.

Meanwhile, many experts have also been claiming that China can take advantage of its confrontation with India to strengthen its claims on Taiwan. 1. Why is China so aggressive about Galvan? 2. India’s flag is on Galvan – Modi’s minister’s answer, asked Rahul – why China’s support? 3. What advice has the Chinese media given to India amidst India-China tension.

What did America say about India-China?

Ahead of the next round of talks between India and China, White House spokeswoman Jen Psaki in the US said that the US is looking into the matter. On a question asked during Monday’s press briefing about China’s aggressive stance on the border with India, Jen Psaki said, “The US is closely watching the situation on the India-China border.” “We support a negotiated and peaceful solution to the border dispute,” he said.

“We have a clear position on how we view Beijing’s behaviour in this region and around the world. We believe that this could destabilize the situation, and we condemn the efforts of the People’s Republic of China to threaten its neighbours,” he said. Worried about it.” “We will stand by our partners on this matter,” said Jen Psaki.

Efforts are on to resolve the disputed issues of Eastern Ladakh through military-level talks between India and China. The 13th round of talks between the two countries was held on October 10 last year. However, it remained deadlocked and no solution was found. During the talks, both sides did not manage to achieve any progress. According to the news agency PTI, after the conversation, Indian military officials said that the ‘positive suggestions’ given by them were not accepted by the Chinese side. At the same time, no such proposals were made from China so that the matter could ‘move forward’.

On November 18, there was a virtual dialogue between India and China at the diplomatic level. In the meantime, it was agreed to organize the 14th round of military-level talks so that the disengagement process could be completed in the areas of eastern Ladakh over which there is a dispute.