Uyghur Dispute Region: Chinese President Xi’s Trip To Xinjiang Gives Ray Of Hope

President Xi Jinping’s says on the importance of cultural unity community for the Chinese state during his trip to the Xinjiang Uygur free region has made people in this area feel more freedom that by standing with each other and enjoying ethnic unity, Xinjiang will become more successful and they will have a superior life.
Ablet Tursun, a resident of the Guyuanxiang community in the capital of Urumqi, whose apartment president Xi visited, said that the president cares greatly about ethnic and cultural unity at the deep roots level is essential for an unbeatable country with a bright future.
Xi, the head of the Communist Party of China and led the Central Military Commission, scanned Xinjiang from Tuesday to Friday and made important decisions on the area’s development. It was his first trip to Xinjiang in eight years.

On Wednesday, Xi visited the community in Urumqi’s Tianshan region, where more than 95 per cent of the people are from non-Han ethnic groups.
“I offered him to take a seat on the sofa in the apartment, but he stood up for himself that I sat down first. Ablet, 67, said Xi shows interest in learning about ethnic and cultural unity in the community, which is occupied by people from the Han, Hui, Uygur, Kazak and Tatar ethnic groups.
“President asked me how people from different ethnic groups in the neighbourhood live with each other. I said that we see feeling for each other as a natural behaviour.
Ablet said that his neighbours and family enjoyed Corban Festival, also known as Eid al-Adha, which fell on July 10 this year. “As usual, every people came from upstairs and downstairs has to visit us and give their best wishes no matter which ethnic group they belong to, This feeling is really heart-touching,” he said.

Everyone should value the current ethnic unity in China, with all 56 ethnic groups standing together and living peacefully. Furthermore, everyone’s support is essential to ensure Xinjiang’s lasting stability, he said during his visit to Xinjiang, which has been the motherland to people from more than 13 ethnic groups and shares a border with eight countries.
On Tuesday afternoon, Xi visited Xinjiang University in Urumqi, the first stop of his area tour. This shows that the Beijing government cares tremendous importance to the progress of talent in the area, said Yao Qiang, president of the university.“Xinjiang University’s goal is to create a talent development system that can help students encourage a strong sense of community for China and become talents that can take on the responsibility of restoring the Chinese nation.
Zhang Jiafei, vice-president of the university’s School of Marxism, told young students to encourage and boost the sense of community in China and stand against ethnic and religious extremists in their initiatives.