Uttar Pradesh Elections: SP Has Prepared A Special ‘Chakravyuh’ To Implicate BJP, Will It Be Successful?

As the elections are getting closer in Uttar Pradesh, political parties are laying their electoral chessboard in the same manner. In this election season, the SP has started decorating its political fielding in such a way, which may not seem like an antidote, but internally it can prove to be a big maze. The leaders of the Samajwadi Party say that they will throw the BJP out of power by trapping it in this Chakravyuh.

For the past few months, the Samajwadi Party has started connecting people from different tehsil towns and villages of different districts of Uttar Pradesh. Especially these are the same people who had been in some political party earlier and now they are disillusioned with their party and there is a ray of hope in the Samajwadi Party. Such people started joining the party. In fact, the Samajwadi Party is getting someone or the other to join its party every day. A senior leader associated with the Samajwadi Party says that all this is being done strategically. It may be that 30 to 50 unknown faces may be seen joining the Samajwadi Party, but each of them has its own support base. Every joining person has his right to a large vote in the districts including his village, tehsil, block and city.

Senior leaders of the SP say that not every person who joins the SP is a very big leader, but he definitely has his own existence with him. This mass base provides the most strength at the booth level in the assembly. A senior leader among the strategists of the Samajwadi Party in Delhi says that it is his endeavor to get more and more people to join the party daily in small pieces. They say that by doing this we will not only be able to strengthen our party at the booth level, but will also be able to register a big victory in the coming assembly elections.

Samajwadi Party’s national spokesperson and former cabinet minister Rajendra Chaudhary says that the national president Akhilesh Yadav and the people who have faith in the Samajwadi Party are continuously moving towards the party. According to Chowdhary, the manner in which people are joining the party day by day, they will emerge in the form of a very large number within the next few days. He says that behind every joining person there is a large mass of people, which will not only be effective in winning the SP on many seats in the assembly elections, but will also prepare the basis for its return to power.

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In the Samajwadi Party, within the last one week, about three and a half thousand people have joined the party, including small and big names. According to the leaders of the Samajwadi Party, this process has been going on continuously for the last few months. Samajwadi Party leader Jugal Kishore Balmiki says that every drop makes an ocean, in the same way Samajwadi Party welcomes every person who believes in its ideology. They say that the ouster of the Bharatiya Janata Party from power in the next assembly elections is absolutely certain. This is the reason that more and more people are joining the Samajwadi Party.