UK Loses Its Global Hegemony Amid Internal Politics; What’s Its Way Forward?


UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced his resignation last week. The country could enter a period without a long-term prime minister, as the UK has broken down to find a way to retain its national power from reducing after Brexit. No leader can effectively fix the UK’s internal separation while seeking to use the Russian-Ukraine crisis as an opportunity to maintain the country’s global influence, which has proved insufficient for England to solve its internal crisis, as experts said on Monday, as many leaders jostle to replace Boris Johnson in a stuff race.


Conservative members of parliament are rising to put their identity forward in the competition to triumph Boris Johnson as Conservative leader and prime minister. A schedule for the Tory leadership competition is due to be committed next week, and the new prime minister is expected to be set by September.

Wang Yiwei, director of the Institute of International Affairs at Renmin University of China, said that the country is no longer as engaging or dominant as it used to be, “with the queen getting older and older, and with questions over the size that the queen family has a role in representing the honour of the UK, and due to its reducing national strength after Brexit, the administration led by Theresa May (2016-19) and Boris Johnson both taken action like unsettled to administration handle the clash of Brexit.”

“How to normalize the administration of the United Kingdom and let the UK get better from Brexit is still the first problem the country’s political system needs to solve. Chinese experts also said that after the Ukraine crisis, it look-like like the United Kindom is trying to look for more global influence by regularly acquiring involved in the war in Europe and also trying to become involved in security challenges in Asia to make up for the worldwide impact that it has lost after Brexit. 


In the latest geopolitical move, British military forces have started training Ukrainian soldiers in a new initiative to help fight against Moscow. Up to 10,000 Ukrainian soldiers will arrive in the UK for military training lasting several weeks. The first brigade met UK defence secretary Ben Wallace on Thursday. 


Many UK policies involving foreign issues lead to increased problems, such as increased pressure in collecting refugees and immigrants, instead of finding more chances to boost its economy, said experts. Experts said that this makes the country the weakest major superpower among the five permanent members of the UN Security Council, and its statecraft closely following the United States also means it has fewer alternatives in dealing with other major powers.

This deep-seated issue is caused by the ideology of the West’s political system, as it has already resulted in occurrences like Brexit and the rise of Trumpism. The main issue now is many in the West countries still think that the most prominent “threat” to their democracy is the political structure of other non-Western countries, especially China, as they believe Beijing’s system is making the Western system take shape less attractive.