Turkey Accepts Kyiv’s Request To Detain Russian Cargo Ship That’s Allegedly Carrying Stolen Ukrainian Grain

A Russian cargo ship Zhibek zholy carrying grain that Ukraine says is stolen, has been delayed by Turkish customs authorities. Ukraine’s ambassador to turkey, Vasyl Bodnar said Ukraine requested Turkey to detain Russian cargo, and Turkey accepted the offer without any fear. He said that Kyiv hoped the grain would be taken from the ship. He said, “We have full cooperation; Zhibek Zholy is currently standing at the entrance to the port. Customs authorities of Turkey have detained it.”

The Ukrainian foreign ministry said that 7,146 dwt Zaibek zholy had loaded the first cargo of some 4,500 tons of grain from Badyansk, which belongs to Ukrainian grain.

The Ambassador of Ukraine in turkey said in the first half of June that Turkish buyers were among those collecting gains that Moscow had stolen from Kyiv. Now Ankara helps to identify and investigate all the matter, and if Russia is found guilty, Turkey never accepts such grain. Turkish foreign minister Mevlot Cavosoglo said Ankara was investigating, claiming that Ukrainian grain had been theft by Russia. If it is true, then Turkey will not allow any such grain.

Ukraine’s prosecutor general’s office sent a letter dated June 30 to the Turkish Justice ministry. It said the cargo ship was involved in the “illegal export of Ukrainian grain” from Badyansk and headed to Karasu. The Ukrainian prosecutor asked Ankara to “investigate this ship, and Ukraine is ready to explore all the allegations with Turkey against Russia.

Ukraine blamed Russia for stealing Ukrainian grain from the invaded area that Russia captured after the Russian invasion of Ukraine. Still, the Kremlin rejected that Russia had stolen any Ukrainian grain.

Kazakh-based KTZ express confirmed that the company owned the cargo ship to a news agency. Still, it said it was taken under a bareboat authority when no members of crue were involved in craft bu Russian company green line.

Russia and Ukraine are both countries that produce 30 per cent of grains for the world, including wheat and barley. Ukraine has also been working with the United Nations to end global hunger for world stability, but Russia blocked all the ships in the black sea.

The foreign minister of Ukraine, Dmytro kuleba, tweeted on May 31, 2022, that Russia is playing hunger games with the world by blocking Ukrainian food exports with one hand and trying to shift the blame on Ukraine with the other. Ukraine is working on international united nations led operation with partners’ navies, ensuring a safe trade route with no security risks.

Russian defence minister Sergei shoigu said that Ukrainian ports or badyansk and Mariupol, controlled by Moscow, were ready to resume grain shipments. However, western countries noted that Moscow was creating the risk of global famine by stopping Kyiv’s ships from exporting to its black sea ports. Still, Russia denies the global famine and blames sanctions on western countries.