“This Could Be Fatal” Says CM Arvind Kejriwal’s Warning On Flood Risks As Yamuna Water Starts Receding From Delhi

Arvind Kejriwal, the chief minister, has asked people to refrain from taking pictures and having fun in the floodwaters as the Yamuna river recedes from the nation’s capital. Kejriwal tweeted that the Yamuna’s water level is gradually dropping and that things would soon return to normal if there isn’t any more severe rain. “There are reports from many places that some people are going to play or swim in the water or are going for video/selfie. Please don’t do this. This can be fatal. The danger of flooding is not over yet. The velocity of water is very fast. Water can rise anytime,” Arvind Kejriwal stated in a tweet in Hindi.

“The water level in Yamuna is decreasing gradually. If there is no heavy rain again, the situation will become normal soon. Started withdrawing water from Chandrawal and Wazirabad water treatment plants. After this the machines will dry. Both the plants will be operational only by tomorrow,” he stated in another tweet. Meanwhile, various commuting routes have been established. The road from Shantivan to Geeta colony’s two carriageways are now available only to cars, autos, and light trucks, according to the Delhi Traffic Police. However, the route from Shanti Van to Rajghat and in the direction of ISBT is still blocked.

Traffic flow on Boulevard Road to the slip road, below Yudhisthir Setu and Mahatma Gandhi Marg, which was halted due to the flooding situation, has now been restored. Chandgiram Akhara to IP College access is now accessible on both lanes. The BJP-led Haryana government came under fire earlier in the day from Delhi’s PWD Minister Atishi for releasing a significant volume of water from the Hathnikund barrage into the nation’s capital.

She told the news agency ANI that the Hathnikund Barrage was solely releasing water for Delhi and that not even a single drop was being discharged into the canals leading to Uttar Pradesh or Haryana. She continued by saying that Haryana will have to take responsibility for this. She further stated, “Everyone knows that the flooding occurred due to the water that was released from Haryana because not a single drop of rain fell in Delhi for the past four days. So the water that has flooded the houses and streets of Delhi is only and only of Haryana…. If water was only released in Delhi then it means that the flooding in Delhi could have been clearly avoided.”