Things Cosmetic Startups Must Know Before Making Their First Move

It becomes a complicated task to market one’s new startup. But an entrepreneur must know the art of converting an adverse situation into a profitable one. In a wider market for cosmetics, brands like Lakme and L’OrĂ©al are well-established and startups must consider adopting their organisational techniques.

Here are some ideas which can help to market new cosmetic startups.

Start Targeting Small And Medium Retailers

Retailers are those who have closer contact with consumers which even a company cannot develop. Retailer shops in the locality, society can help your company to establish a base for your products. People who trust the retailer can indirectly approach you.

Look For Online Sales

With the pandemic marring sector, e-commerce has provided enough opportunity to flourish. Companies, especially start-ups, can use these platforms effectively and efficiently to aware people of their brand. With increasing digital footprints, it has become even more convenient for startups to build a consumer base online.

March Towards Social Networking Sites

Social networking sites are the extensions of digital tools and startups are making the best use of them. Facebook and Instagram have dominated the online marketing domain and you can use their tools to enhance your consumer base even further. You can create visually appealing ads for your brand page and post some really useful beauty tips regularly.

A well-designed page can lead to huge crowding. To make it easier, focus on the creative part of promoting your brand. It is free of charge and puts a huge impact.

Go For Some Unique Logo

One thing common about some of the topmost beauty brands is their uniqueness. They sell out due to their unique identity through their logos that gives them distinct recognition.

Additionally, your company logo must have a story that describes your goals and objectives considering your consumers. A logo is important for promoting any brand whether it’s a global brand or a start-up.

Use all extent of your creativity to create unique logos that are recognizable among your consumers and could speak about your brand, volume or identity.

Look For Youth

College-going girls are very fond of unique cosmetic products and are well influenced by experimenting with looks. Therefore, youth can be your potential consumer.

Create products targeting youth and avail discounts and offers on them. Always consider making your products affordable enough for a student to buy them.

Take Expert Advice

Another most effective way of promoting your startup is by requesting experts to review your cosmetic products on their youtube channels, fan pages and social media platforms. You can create your own website and add a testimonial page, where you can share their reviews.

Since they are the influencers and people tend to believe in what they are recommending, it’s a very good way to reach out to your potential customers.


The cosmetics market is highly growing with a lot of new players coming in constantly. Being a startup in this era is both easy and challenging, you have to remain dynamic. Also, you should know how to turn the ball into your court. Creativity and thinking out of the box will always take you a long way.