“They Say I’m Wiping My Nose On You” Says Rahul Gandhi’s Swipe At Media Persons As He Helps Kharge: Checkout Deets!

In an attack on the media, Rahul Gandhi remarked to the party’s leader as he assisted Kharge in descending the stairs ‘if I touch your feet they will say ‘I am wiping my nose on your back’. On Friday, Congressman Rahul Gandhi slammed the media while helping Mallikarjun Kharge, the party’s chairman, to descend the stairs. “if I touch your feet they will say I am wiping my nose on your back”.  “If I touch you now, they say I’m wiping my nose on your back. Utter nonsense. Have you seen that? That I am helping you over there, they’re saying that I’m wiping my nose on you,” says Rahul Gandhi as he helps party chief Mallikarjun Kharge down the stairs, as reported by the news agency ANI.

Interestingly, a Surat court on Thursday found Congress MP Rahul Gandhi guilty of defamation for making a joke about the “Modi surname” during the campaign for the 2019 Lok Sabha elections. The court gave him a two-year prison term. Rahul Gandhi was attacked by BJP President JP Nadda a day after his conviction, accusing him of having a very little understanding level and a very inflated ego. Nadda added that the Congressman attacked the OBCs in order to advance his political ambitions.

JP Nadda took to Twitter and mentioned, “Rahul Gandhi’s ego is very big and understanding is very small. For his political gains, he insulted the entire OBC community and called them a thief. He also ignored the option of repeatedly explaining and apologising by the society and the court and continuously hurt the sentiments of the OBC community.” Rahul Gandhi was also criticised by Union Minister Bhupender Yadav, who claimed that he disrespected our legal system and defamed the country on foreign soil. Politicians have no right to disparage the OBC population.

“Rahul Gandhi insulted our judicial system. He defamed the nation on foreign soil. No politician has the right to insult the OBC community. This behaviour of the leader shows Bharat Todo, not Bharat Jodo. Congress is questioning the legal decision. Insulting any surname is not freedom of speech,” Bhupender Yadav said as quoted by the news agency ANI.