‘The Kerala Story’ Made Tax-Free In MP, CM Shivraj Singh Chouhan Says Everyone Should Watch Film: Checkout Deets!!!

In the midst of all the uproar surrounding the recently released film ‘The Kerala Story,’ CM Shivraj Singh Chouhan has declared the film tax-free in the state of Madhya Pradesh. Shivraj Singh Chouhan, the chief minister of Madhya Pradesh, has decreed that the recently released film “The Kerala Story,” directed by Sudipto Sen, is tax-free in the state despite all the controversy surrounding it. On Saturday, the Chief Minister posted a video on his Twitter account praising the film’s storyline about combating terrorism and urging everyone to watch it.

Sharing the video, he penned, “आतंकवाद की भयावह सच्चाई को उजागर करती फिल्म ‘The Kerala Story’ मध्यप्रदेश में टैक्स फ्री की जा रही है। (The film ‘The Kerala Story’ exposing the horrific truth of terrorism is being made tax free in Madhya Pradesh.) The film, which starred Adah Sharma and was released in over 1300 theatres, earned around Rs 8 crores on its first day of release. “We have already made a law against religious conversion in Madhya Pradesh. Since this film creates awareness, everyone should watch this film. Parents, children and daughters should watch it. That’s why the Madhya Pradesh government is giving tax-free status to the movie ‘The Kerala Story’,” Chouhan stated.

According to the CM, the video reveals the schemes of “love jihad,” religious conversion, and terrorism, as well as its “hideous” face. ‘Love jihad’ is a word commonly used by right-wing extremists to describe a scheme by Muslim men to entice Hindu women into religious conversion through marriage. According to Chouhan, “this film tells how the daughters ruin their lives after getting entangled in the web of ‘love jihad’ due to momentary sentimentality.” “This film also exposes the design of terrorism.”

PM Modi remarked in a rally in Ballari, Karnataka, on Friday, “Such a beautiful state of the country, where people are hardworking and talented. The ‘Kerala Story’ film brings out terror conspiracies happening in that state.” “It is unfortunate that Congress can be seen standing with this terror trend that is seeking to ruin the country. Congress is even indulging in backdoor political bargaining with people having terror inclinations. People of Karnataka should be cautious about Congress,” added PM Modi. Karnataka will hold elections for a new assembly on May 10. The results will be made public on May 13.