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It Needs More Than MSP To Revitalize Agriculture!

In a televised address on 19 November 2021, Prime Minister Modi announced repealing of the three contentious farm laws, an issue that divided the nation for year long. Despite the government's commitment farmers are digging in their tents to brace for the coming winter months and to continue to sit in protest to get their remaining six demands fulfilled, including, most importantly, a statutory backing for the Minimum Support Price (MSP). The tug-of-war continues but unlike the repeal of farm laws, legalising MSP will not be so easy. What is MSP and why are farmers demanding a law backing it?The history of MSP can be traced in the rationing system introduced by the British during the second world war. But it was in independent India, that it became a tool to address the issue of food...

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Indian Democracy Counting The Errors!

The Agricultural Laws Repeal Bill, 2021, was approved by the Union Cabinet in a recent meeting after Prime Minister Narendra Modi's announcement on November 19, 2021, that the three unpopular farm laws will be repealed. Many were surprised by the Prime Minister's declaration, especially many in the governing dispensation who had previously opposed the farmers' demonstrations tooth and claw, resorting to abhorrent name-calling at times. However, the retreat is a good step after long demonstrations that saw more than 700 farmers die and many more endure severe pain and risk from an antagonistic administration, bad weather, and a pandemic. According to the letter sent to Prime Minister Narendra Modi by the Samyukta Kisan Morcha (SKM), the three laws would not be abolished in Parliament un...

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It Is Time To Put A Stop To Farmers’ Demonstrations And Politics

As seen by the Congress party's employment of a divide-and-rule strategy to win elections during the dreaded Khalistan period in the 1960s and 1980s, the Congress party demonstration that politics could fracture even the most solid of communities. Despite the fact that Sikhs and Hindus are almost similar in Punjab, the Khalistanis started killing Sikhs, Hindus, and anybody else who dared to oppose them as a consequence of a large number of murders and the resultant bad blood. A Glimpse of Farmers' protest A long-distance relationship between Khalistan and Pakistan is re-emerging in some sections of Punjab, this time after many decades of absence. While it is true that there is a farmer's strike underway, no one can deny that political parties and foreign funders are assisting in its...

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Jack Dorsey ‘Liked’ Tweets Appreciating Rihanna’s Response On Farmer Protest; More detail Inside

A tweet made by Washington Post journalist Karren Attiah which praised Rihanna for her response on farmer protest has been liked by Twitter chief executive Jack Dorsey. Karren Attiah wrote “Rihanna has raised her voice for social justice in Sudan, Nigeria and now in India and Myanmar. She is a Real one” in one of her tweets which was recently like by Jack Dorsey. He also like another tweet of her which says “Now is a good time as ever for @twitter and @Jack to add a Twitter emoji to the massive #FarmersProtest in India- like they did for historic international protests like #BlackLivesMatter and #EndSars”.Very recently the international pop star shared a Cnn Article which talked about the Indian government restricting the internet in the places where farmer protests are going on. Which...

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Centre-Farmer Talks Today; Govt to Not Budge on Rollback of Laws

Representatives of farmer unions and the central government will meet Friday to participate in a fresh round of talks to break the deadlock over the recently-enacted agricultural laws. The eighth round of talks will be held between a ministerial committee, including Agriculture Minister Narendra Singh Tomar, Food Minister Piyush Goyal and Minister of State for Commerce and Industry Som Prakash, and 41 representatives of farm organizations. The seventh round of talks remained inconclusive Monday over two key demands — repeal of the newly enacted laws and provision of legal guarantee on the minimum support price. On Thursday, Tomar met religious leader Baba Lakha Singh, one of the heads of the Nanaksar Sikh sect based in Punjab. Singh, who has been organising langar at the protest sites, s...

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