Supreme Court Considers Free Announcement During Election Leads To Serious Problem!

Freebies from Political Parties During Elections right or wrong? Different countries have different views on this issue. The issue is in the Supreme Court. The hearing on the free declaration was held in court today. At the latest hearing, the Supreme Court considered this a serious matter concerning the problem and suggested that the government set up a committee. The addition of representatives of the central bank, NITI Aayog and parties to this committee is being discussed.

At the latest public hearing, the Supreme Court said,”the court can not stop announcements by political parties, but said it was necessary to separate the welfare system from the election campaign. The Court ordered the Electoral Commission and the State to file an objection”.

The topic of free announcements is becoming more and more important from a political point of view. Prime Minister Narendra Modi has consistently opposed it, calling it Revdi culture, and Delhi Prime Minister Arvind Kejriwal has supported it. Arvind kejriwal was supported by the chief minister of Tamil Nadu, MK. Stalin.

Let us tell you  chief minister of Delhi Arvind kejriwal has given many comforts as free to the public such as Electricity bill is free upto 200 units,Water bill, free Bus tickets for women in capital Delhi and Etc. Not only this After making government in Punjab Aam aadmi party(AAP) also provided free Electricity for farmer.

Indeed, the courts have made it clear that they cannot prevent political parties or individuals from promising to fulfill their constitutional obligations when they are in power. Now let’s try to answer the question of what exactly is a valid promise. Is the promise of subsidies for electricity, seeds and fertilizers for small and marginalized farmers called revadi?