Students Of West Bengal Are Ahead In Terms Of Education: National Achievement Survey

According to the National Achievement Survey (NAS), West Bengal students are ahead in terms of education. According to the survey report, the students in the state are far above the national average in both overall and subject matter. However, in extreme cases, online study has created division among the students. One group got the opportunity of smartphone, internet, computer, the other group did not.

This inequality (digital divide) has also been caught in the national survey.

In order to know the condition of the students, NAS was organized by the Union Ministry of Education across the country last November. The test was taken. A total of 34 lakh 1 thousand 158 students of third, fifth, eighth and tenth classes took the test.

Among them 98 thousand 694 students of this state sat for the examination. There were written tests on language, science, mathematics, sociology, ecology.

According to the survey, students of Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes and other backward classes as well as ordinary students of the state have done well in the exams. However, compared to 2017, the quality of education of students has decreased in the whole country. This state is no exception. According to the survey, the reason for this decline is the fact that reading is stopped at school as a result of overdose.

If we look at the record of success of the students, it is understood that the average success of the students of the state in mathematics in the third class is 60 and there is a national average of 57. Although the national average of language is 62, the average of students in the state is 67.

The average of students in the state is 61 as compared to the national average of 57 on environment. The national average in English is 43 in 10th class, the average of the students here is 44. The average of the state students in mathematics is 31 and the national average is 32. In sociology and science, the state’s education and national average are equal, 37 and 35, respectively.

The students of the state are ahead of the overall average. All India average number 59 in third class. State average 62.7. In the fifth grade, the national average and the state average are 49 and 52.1, respectively. The state has surpassed the all-India average even in the eighth and tenth classes. The eighth all-India average is 41.9 and the state average is 44.6. The tenth state average is 38.0 and the national average is 31.8.