Scotland Demands Referendum: Britain’s United Kingdom Falling Apart?

Scotland is a very proud part of the United Kingdom. They were annexed in 1652 by the English and have been part of England in the post-colonial United Kingdom. Today, the people of Scotland have been at odds with the British due to the control, dictation and administration London has over Edinburgh.

Hence, in 2014, London gave Scotland a choice of freedom from England. Contrarily most Scottish voted no due to England’s membership with E.U. However, this opinion changed with Britain’s ‘Brexit’ dramatics. While the fiasco was going on, a poll showed 60% of the Scots wanted Britain. Consequently, the entirety of the UK wanted London not to leave EU eventually, the British were successful, and the UK left EU.

British parliament is crumbling, repairs set to produce eye-watering bill - World News

This has stirred up controversy in Scotland ever since; combined with the Rebellious nature of this part of the United Kingdom, akin to Texas to the U.S., the Scottish conservatives now push for being allowed to be given the ability to hold a referendum in Scotland independently. Hence on 29th June 2022, Scottish First Minister Nicholas Sturgeon announced plans for a referendum in October next year.

Scottish leader calls for new independence vote next year

To this, Ben Wallace, U.K. Defence Secretary, responded, “Ben Wallace she’s uh desperate I think now to have a second referendum even though all the promises were a referendum is a once in a generation well there was a referendum it was all pretty much handed over to the Scottish parliament to decide on everything from its wording to its timing they had they had the referendum uh they lost the referendum uh and instead of them saying okay hands up let’s try and see if there’s a better way let’s try and better the people of Scotland’s experience with public services she’s just banged on the same one-trick pony all right my next”

Mr Jose is a member of Westminster for SNP (Scottish National Party ), and the campaigning coordinator informs that this argument of procuring the right to hold their referendum will be going to Supreme Court.