Reaction Of India’s First Twitter User Came On Paying Fees For Twitter Blue Tick, Read To Know!!

Tesla CEO Elon Musk has bought a micro-blogging site Twitter for $ 44 billion. As soon as he became the owner of Twitter, Musk made several major changes, including the removal of the top officials of the firm to a big retrenchment. Between these changes, Twitter and Musk are facing heavy criticism from users for membership fees for Twitter verification. A writer had abused Twitter for fees for blue tick. After this, the French minister also refused to pay verification fees. Now the reaction of the first user of Twitter in India has also been revealed, who has been using Twitter since 2006.

Twitter was launched in 2006. Till this time, many people in the country used Orkut apps for social media. In India, the first woman named Naina Redu created an account on Twitter. Twitter was not even officially launched by that time. Actually, Naina received an email to join Twitter platform. By this time, Twitter was known as Twttr. Naina has tweeted around 1,75,000 on Twitter so far.

Naina now works in a hotel in Jaisalmer city of Rajasthan. She says about Twitter that she got an email to join Twitter, after which she created her account on it. Till then she did not know that Twitter would become so popular. Till that time, only a few people used Twitter. Hardly anyone used Twitter till that time in India. When she created an account on Twitter, she used to work in Mumbai and after that she did not use Twitter for about one and a half years.

And now she says it is not worth to pay fees for Twitter verification as she is a pro to it and she don’t understand the point of paying for just getting a blue tick on blogging site.