Ravi Kishan On Population Control Bill: “I Would Not Have Had 4 Children If Congress Had Brought This Bill”

The population control bill has sparked a new round of debate in the country. In light of this, the BJP MP has now blamed the Congress for the rising population. On December 9, actor and politician Ravi Kishan made a statement about the population control bill on a private channel. He claimed that if Congress had passed the population control bill, he would not be the father of four children today. He has blamed it on Congress.

Ravi Kishan, a BJP MP from Gorakhpur, has accused the Congress of ignoring the fact that he is the father of four children and is well aware of the country’s growing population problem. “I have four children, it is not a mistake,” he said on a private channel programme. We would not have had four children if the Congress government had introduced the Population Control Bill. He also stated that his wife’s health began to deteriorate after the first and second deliveries. “I was struggling at the time and was always busy shooting,” Ravi Kishan explained. Children continued to be born. At the time, there was no clarity.

The Congress government was blamed

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Ravi Kishan stated that the previous government should have been more cautious in this matter, and that if a population control law had been passed, they would not have had four children today. Because there was no awareness of population control during the Congress administration, the BJP government is now required to introduce a population control bill.

Will make a proposal to Parliament

The BJP MP also stated that he would present a proposal in Parliament on population control. Aside from that, he admitted that, given the country’s growing population, he now regrets having four children. In reference to China, he stated that the population has been controlled. Generations would not have struggled if our country’s previous governments had been considerate.

Congress tightened screws

Supriya Shrinate, a Congress leader, tweeted in response to Ravi Kishan’s claim of having four children, “The children kept on being born and you didn’t know about the incident!” By the grace of Congress, you became the father of three daughters and a son.” Ravi Kishan was also accused by the Congress leader of misbehaving with his wife.