Rajnath Singh Says “Rahul Gandhi Tried To Defame India In London” The MP Should Apologise As BJP Scales Up Attack: Deets Inside!

Rajnath Singh, the deputy leader of the Lok Sabha and minister for defence, claimed that Rahul Gandhi wanted foreign interference in the domestic affairs of the nation, which needed to be categorically rejected. Several prominent BJP lawmakers, including Government Ministers Rajnath Singh, Piyush Goyal, and Giriraj Singh, criticised Congress leader Rahul Gandhi on Monday for recent comments he made in London that claimed there were threats to Indian democracy. They pushed for the Wayanad MP to apologise in front of Parliament. Also, they urged the House speaker to take action against him.

“Rahul Gandhi, who is a member of this House, insulted India in London. I demand that his statements should be condemned by all members of this House and he should be asked to apologise before the House”: Defence Minister and Deputy Leader of the Lok Sabha Rajnath Singh said as soon as the second part of the Budget session began. Further, he said, the Congress MP wanted foreign interference in the nation’s internal affairs, which needed to be categorically rejected. A demand for Rahul Gandhi to apologise to the people of the country and the House was also made by Piyush Goyal.

Parliamentary Affairs Minister Pralhad Joshi reportedly questioned where democracy was when fundamental rights were “trampled” (during the Emergency) and when an ordinance that had been officially approved by the Union Cabinet was torn up (by Rahul Gandhi during the UPA government). According to Speaker Om Birla, India’s democracy is solid and only getting stronger. “Rahul Gandhi in London said that MPs were not allowed to speak in Parliament. This is an insult to Lok Sabha. The House speaker should take action against him on this statement. A sedition case should be registered against him for insulting our democracy,” Giriraj Singh, the Minister of Rural Development & Panchayati Raj, remarked, as per ANI.

Congress President Mallikarjun Kharge, the leader of the opposition in the Rajya Sabha, denied the requests, saying:  “There is no rule of law and democracy under Modi ji. They are running the country like a dictatorship, and then they talk about democracy.” “We are demanding the constitution of the JPC (Joint Parliamentary Committee) on the Adani stocks issue. When we raise this issue, then mics are switched off and a ruckus erupts in the House,” he added, as mentioned by ANI.