Rahul Gandhi Opens Up On His Marriage, Reveals What Kind Of Girl He Wishes As Partner!

Former Congress President and Wayanad MP Rahul Gandhi is not married, but the question of when Rahul Gandhi will marry is frequently asked. Meanwhile, Rahul Gandhi has broken his silence on marriage and revealed the type of woman he would like to marry.

Want To Marry A girl Who Embodies Indira Gandhi And Sonia Gandhi Both

Rahul Gandhi stated that he would like to live with someone who embodies both his mother, Sonia Gandhi, and grandmother, Indira Gandhi. When asked about Indira Gandhi, Rahul Gandhi stated that she was the love of his life and his second mother. When asked if he would marry someone with Indira Gandhi’s qualities, he said,” It is an interesting question. I want a woman who embodies both my mother, Sonia Gandhi, and her grandmother, Indira Gandhi.A girl who have quality of my both mother. ”

Rahul Gandhi does not have a car

Rahul Gandhi also mentioned motorcycles and cars during his discussion which he loves very much. He mentioned a Chinese electric company in the interview. He claimed, “I had driven an electric scooter but never an electric bike.” Rahul Gandhi stated that he does not own a car, but his mother does. However,It seems that Rahul Gandhi Has not so much interest in Bike Or car’s brand instead He loves to Ride only as he said, “I’m not particularly fond of cars or motorcycles, but I enjoy riding them.”

Being referred to as Pappu is part of propaganda

Rahul Gandhi responded to a question about being called Pappu by saying that it is part of propaganda. “Those who say this are troubled and scared within themselves. There is fear within these people, nothing within them, and their relationships are not good. That’s fine, he’s abusing someone else. It makes me happy. I like how you curse more. It makes no difference to me what name you give me. I’m completely at ease,” he added.